2008-02-28 / The Walrus Says

The Walrus Says

By Jim Munro

Island residents of all ages who share a love for the stage are honing their talents each week under the direction of members of the Jamestown Community Theatre.

Students are still signing up with the classes underway at the golf club. At last count the aspiring actors were closing in on 40 attendees.

The youngest group, called the Lollipop Guild, is working on poetry that will be presented to parents, relatives and friends on March 16.

Mary S. Wright, artistic director of the JCT said, "It is amazing how quickly these young children memorize lines!

They have done improvisations and acted out fairy tales, and played games that require them to use their imaginations. Unafraid to get up and perform, this group certainly has the talent to be the JCT stars of the future!"

The second group, the Yellow Brick Roadsters, is practicing monologues and scenes that they will perform on March 16. There are 16 creative young folks in this group. Mary said that with energy and skill, they represent their age group with self confidence and determination to do their best. "They work well together and give positive criticism to one another along with constructive suggestions of how to improve on one another's work."

The last group, the Flying Monkeys, has a wide age range but, according to Mary, demonstrate a true JCT working relationship in spite of age differences. With talent from those who have been involved with many JCT productions to those who never have been in a play, everyone is taking risks and getting up to perform solos and in groups. The Flying Monkeys will present some challenging monologues during the final class.

"Whether 12 years old or 50 years plus, I marvel at the support each one gives one another as they perform individually. Most of all, I thank Becky Brazil and Iris Bohensky, who are working with me for over five hours each week for seven Sundays, in order to provide these classes. Both young ladies have been involved in the JCT since they were youngsters, and now as we volunteer together to prepare and teach these classes, I have to smile knowing that they have grown up, and how now we are working together to achieve the same goals."

Another standing ovation for the Jamestown Community Theatre.

*** A month ago we wondered if our vote would mean any thing after the Feb. 4 primaries. Now, it looks as if we will be in on deciding the Democratic nominee.

VOTE on Tuesday.


Hang in there! The tulips and crocuses are pushing through.

*** For you, for me...........


Sunday is Shirley St.Germain's birthday. Stop by and give her a big hug and ask her how old she is.


Oft-times contributor to this column, former islander Phyllis Bradley Anderson has written from Ohio with a plea for help.

"I would like to make my own clam chowder. Recipe books add all sorts of things. I want one that is creamy and thick. (Had some here and it was thin like water. I brought it home and poured it down the sink.) People here don't know what good clam chowder is, nor do they have scallops!"

If you would like to share your favorite clam chowder recipe with Phyllis, write to her at 5911 East State Rt. 22, Wilmington, OH 45177.

Her letter continues, "To show you that I am a loyal ex-Jamestowner even though it's been some 60 years, I saw the movie "Dan in Real Life." How many total hours I spent in the East Ferry landing waiting room. I almost cried when I saw it in the movie. It was an excellent movie - no swearing or fighting. I had been told that Jamestown was mentioned in the credits at the end as my daughter said she saw it.

"Getting up, we were the last to leave, somehow I went airborne across the aisle, hitting my head on the arm of a chair -Wham!! My daughter had someone call the ambulance as I was bleeding. Away I went to our ER and a few minutes later had seven staples put in. Had them removed 10 days later and at no time did they bother me. Just had a great time telling people it was due to my everlasting love of Jamestown.

"Saw the death notice for Chet Caswell. I was their babysitter for many years and have fond memories of the whole family. We called the parents Uncle Fred and Aunt Hannah. I saved my babysitting money to buy myself a store bought sweater as my mom made our outfits and knitted our sweaters, etc. Was I ever proud to wear a store-bought piece of clothing!!

"See you all in July."

Thanks Phyllis, enjoy the chowder.


Last week we had as our guests our three granddaughters who live in Connecticut while their mother was away on vacation.

Olivia, 11, Summer, 9, and Sasha, 4, livened up our home and exhausted the dog. Our thanks to the Jamestown library for its afternoon children's programs and the Walt Disney channel, plus Hannah Montana, for early evening entertainment. Also a nod to Fox's "American Idol" that mesmerized us all for three nights.

We were very impressed with Mim's abundant energy and her school-acquired ability to withhold a scream.

We note that the Postal Service will be increasing the cost of stamps another penny in May. Why not just increase the price a dime and be done with it for a while.


Chris Minus called and said the name of the restaurant at the entrance to the old Jamestown Bridge was Mister Pipes.


Dr. Joshua Hatch of the Jamestown Animal Clinic says to hide your loose wires and protect your pets and homes.

"Some pets, often cats and rabbits, find electrical cords and cables as ready chew toys and can be at risk of electrical shock, risk house fires from frayed cords, and cause unnecessary expenses to replace damaged items.

"The first thing to do is to minimize access by bunching cords together, gathering up excess lengths, and using electrical tape, cable covers, or even PVC piping to keep the wires out of sight of your pet. Also consider coating the cords with something like bitter apple spray, vinegar, or hot pepper sauce to strongly discourage your pet from chewing at those wires.

"There are commercial available plastic wire covers that are infused with a citrus scent to help discourage chewing at the wires. Also, consider using wireless technology to reduce the number of available wires that your pet has access to.

"If you suspect your pet was electrocuted from a chewed wire seek immediate veterinary care as early treatment is essential in electrocution cases."

*** Kudos to Uno.


Replies to the Feb. 14 poser were sent in by:

Helen Zachadnyk from Cumberland who called in the answer and Barbara-Ann MacIntosh who e-mailed, "Hey there, you with the stars in your eyes, Love never made a fool of you, you used to be too wise, Hey there, you on that high flying cloud, Though she won't throw a crumb to you, you think some day she'll come to you etc."

Mary S. Wright e-mailed to say the song is from "Pajama Game" and was sung in the original Broadway show by John Rait and Janice Paige. She said the movie starred John Rait and Doris Day.

Thanks, ladies!


The Walrus says never invite a federal bureaucracy into your lives. Common sense.

*** Vote Tuesday!

*** Be true!


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