2008-02-28 / News

Harbor repair projects approved

By Sam Bari

A unanimous vote by the Town Council at its Monday night meeting gave long- awaited approval to initiate the engineering required for improvement and repair projects at East Ferry and Ft. Getty.

A letter drafted by Harbor Management Commission Chairman Michael de Angeli to Town Administrator Bruce Keiser recommended the following engineering studies to be completed:

• Wood pile pier survey to determine the extent of required repairs - $12,700.

• Design for a touch and go dock addition to the wood pile pier - $6,000 to $7,500.

• Curbs and rails project revisions at East Ferry - $2,000.

The letter said that the funding for the studies is in the harbor commission budget. After discussing the details of the recommendations, Town Council President Julio DiGiando motioned to approve all three items and council member Barbara Szepatowski seconded the motion. The council voted 4-0 for approval. Councilman William Kelly was absent.

During the discussion, Councilman Robert Sutton asked if the $12,700 survey for the wood pile pier included design plans so the project could be put out for bid. Keiser and Szepatowski assured him that the survey was for repairs, so design plans were not required. Keiser said that the repairs involved replacing worn and deteriorated struts, pilings, and braces.

Sutton's concern was that the survey had been done before and that a new survey might not lead to the project being completed until plans were drawn. De Angeli's letter said that the substantial cost quoted for the survey was due to the necessity of having divers examine "essentially every piece of wood underwater." The letter also suggested that the cost of repairs might not be within the HMC budget.

In a separate recommendation in the same letter, the HMC recommended that the Town Council consider funding additional engineering studies on projects that the council suggested. One was for a wood pile pier extension feasibility study, which would cost $3,500 if completed in conjunction with the wood pile pier repair survey. The other was for the Ft. Getty boat ramp and dredging project, which would cost $1,000 to revise previous plans.

Szepatowski made a motion to wait on the wood pile pier extension because funds were not available to complete the project and according to DiGiando they would not be available for some time. The council agreed and voted 4-0 to deny the recommendation.

She did however, recommend removing the Ft. Getty boat ramp project from the Ft. Getty Plan and approve the $1,000 required to revise the previous plans. The council agreed, and passed the motion with a 4-0 vote to approve the Ft. Getty boat ramp project.

De Angeli attended the meeting and said he was pleased with the council's decisions. He hopes that the estimates for the projects when they go out for bid are within the budget constraints of the HMC so they can move ahead and be completed.

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