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Kettlebottom Outdoor Pursuits now on NESN

By Sam Bari

Robb Roach Robb Roach What do you do with a degree in finance, a lifetime of experience fishing, hunting, boating and enjoying the outdoor lifestyle, eight years as a guide, and a good idea? If you're Robb Roach, you consult your mentor, business partner and father, Nick, and together you produce a television show.

They named the show Kettlebottom Outdoor Pursuits, after the Kettlebottom rock formation found offshore at Fort Wetherill. They found a few sponsors and aired the show on Cox Channel 3 on Saturday mornings in Rhode Island and Western Connecticut.

Six months later, they submitted the show to New England Sports Network. Then, less than eight months after producing their first program, Kettlebottom Outdoor Pursuits agreed to a 32- week contract on NESN. Their program will be right next to the big boys in the sports arena, the World Champion Boston Red Sox and the Boston Bruins.

Kettlebottom Outdoor Pursuits will air on NESN (Channel 56 on Cox Cable) starting this Saturday, March 1 at 5 p.m. It will air on March 9 at 12:30 p.m. The program's normal slot will be every Saturday at noon.

The program will reach 9,000,000 homes throughout New England, and 25,000,000 potential viewers nationwide via satellite. In the television business, those are serious numbers.

Sound like a dream come true? It was more like a dream made true by Robb Roach following up on a good idea.

Robb has lived in Jamestown all his life. Here, he enjoyed the outdoors and all the benefits the outdoor lifestyle had to offer. "That's what Kettlebottom Outdoor Pursuits is all about," said Roach. "How the entire family can benefit from the outdoor experience."

He went on to say that he and his father first produced the show to give something back to the land and sea that gave them so much. "By showing others how to reap the benefits of the outdoor experience, their appreciation will hopefully translate into conservation. We want everyone to love the outdoors so much that they will want to preserve it as the most valuable resource we have," Roach said.

"Without a doubt, it's the greatest show on earth," Roach said. "That's why they call it the great outdoors. Where else can you visit the same spot every day and enjoy a different experience? Nature is never the same. It changes constantly. Our goal is to help viewers get the most out of the outdoor lifestyle, so that every minute is a new experience and a great adventure."

"We never thought the program would be so successful," Roach said. "There are so many fishing and hunting shows out there. We wanted to give viewers something more than just lessons on fishing and hunting. We wanted to give them a show the entire family could enjoy, so that everyone can participate."

He went on to say that they added a few twists to their program that the other outdoor shows don't have. "For instance, we show you how to catch a fish, then we show you how to prepare it for cooking. At the end of each program, we always cook what we catch or hunt and serve lunch or dinner to the family," Roach said.

"Our programs feature a variety of outdoor pursuits other than fishing and hunting," Roach said. "We've had shows on dog training and even gardening. Watch Kettlebottom Outdoor Pursuits and we'll teach you how to grow lunch and how to dress Mother Nature in her Sunday best. After all, vegetables and flowers are part of the great outdoors too."

Roach said that they put together a new team of producers and editors for the upcoming series on NESN. He said the cast would basically stay the same, "My family and friends, all of whom have their areas of expertise in the outdoor lifestyle," Roach said.

He also said that viewers can expect a few surprises because they like to keep the show fresh. They'll have tech segments that feature new gear and gadgets, and any new innovations and products that would be of interest to viewers. "Nick and his wife Fran will even do a few segments on outdoor crafts," Roach added.

"The idea is to keep the show diversified," Roach said. "We'll have programs on navigation for boaters and lessons on boat handling when fishing for big game at sea. We're even producing a show on outdoor photography."

The first show will feature an incredible day of light tackle fishing for green bonita, false albacore, and a surprise catch of Mahi Mahi right off of the Point Judith Lighthouse. Upcoming shows will include Bluefin Tuna fishing off of Chatham, Mass., Rhode Island goose and duck hunting, and archery deer hunting.

For more information on show times and to view full episodes, cooking segments, tips and tricks, visit the Kettlebottom Outdoor Pursuits website at www.kettlebottom. com.

Robb Roach lives in Jamestown with his wife Lynn. They have three sons, Ben, 10, and Ethan, 65 and Nolan, 7 months.

"Throughout my life I have been extremely fortunate to have visited many places around the world, and without hesitation I would say there is no place I would rather be then right here at home, in Jamestown. My first outdoor pursuits were here and I hope my last ones are here too," Robb Roach said.

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