2008-02-28 / News

Gaynor named to head capital emergency management agency

Providence Mayor David N. Cicilline appointed retired Marine Corps Lt. Col. Peter T. Gaynor to lead the Providence Emergency Management Agency & Office of Homeland Security.

The highly-decorated Marine was once responsible for managing the operations for the U.S. Marine Corps headquarters following the Sept.11 terrorist attacks and for the security of the President of the United States at Camp David.

Gaynor brings unprecedented global emergency management experience to the Providence city government. Mayor Cicilline said he is confi- dent that Lt. Col. Gaynor will take PEMA to a new level of professionalism, which will only strengthen the city's emergency response efforts.

Lt. Col. Gaynor retired from the Marine Corps after 26 years of wideranging experience in a number of high-intensity leadership positions, including directing around-the-clock operations of the Marine Corps' Crisis Response Center.

Colonel Gaynor and his wife Sue live in Jamestown and have one daughter, Grace. He began his new position as the director of PEMA on Feb. 25.

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