2008-03-06 / Editorial

Et cetera

It's nice to feel wanted

The shouting is over. The Presidential Primary is history in Rhode Island. We experienced a flurry of enthusiam, excitement and drama these past few weeks as the leading candidates took time out of their busy schedules to campaign here.

Yes, Little Rhody counted this time around! Usually the candidates just drop their campaign leaflets out of the chartered jets as they fly by. Prior to Tuesday's primary, the candidates and their campaigns arrived in force. There were political rallies and entertaining television commercials. Even the political pundants gave our state a mention.

The candidates needed our delegates. That made Rhode Island important.

Let's hope that we'll see the candidates return to Rhode Island before the general election in November. A campaign visit to Jamestown might even be in order. The Newport Bridge would make a great backdrop for a stump speech.

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