2008-03-06 / News

'Recycled Life' details life near toxic landfill

The Oscar nominated documentary Recycled Life will be shown at the Jamestown Philomenian Library on Wednesday, March 12, at 7 p.m. It is a 40-minute film, directed by Leslie Iwerks, that tells the story of generations of families living and working in the Guatemala City Garbage Dump over the past sixty years. It is the largest and most toxic landfill in Central America.

Samantha Andreozzi will be presenting this film as part of her Senior Project at North Kingstown High School. She is trying to increase awareness of a program called Safe Passage. Safe Passage is a program working to educate the children living at the dump. This film is free, but donations can be made that night to support

Safe Passage. For more information, call 423-2884.

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