2008-03-20 / News

High School Happenings

By Erin Brennan

This past weekend North Kingstown High School presented the musical "Fiddler on the Roof."

The musical tells the story of Tevye and his family in the village of Anatevka during the Russian turmoil of 1905. Tevye (played by Birk Wozniak) attempts to keep religious and traditional customs in his life while three of his bold daughters untraditionally choose their own husbands, each one more radical than the last.

The cast and crew of Fiddler have been working for more than three months to create the show. The play was directed by the high school band and chorus teacher Norma Caiazza, along with Wickford Middle School music teacher Naomi Schick.

Island senior Jason Gorelick played the part of the Fiddler. Although he was not required to speak for the part, Gorelick, who is an all-state musician, played the fiddle in several scenes. Gorelick also opened and closed the show with a series of complex songs.

Not only that, along with his other role, Gorelick played violin in the pit orchestra and helped create the set design.

Jamestown was well represented in the pit orchestra as Gorelick's younger brother, sophomore Alex Gorelick, played trombone, and senior Molly Welsh played clarinet, with sophomore Lizzie Gooding on violin, and senior Nate Wigton on bass.

Also acting were islander senior Courtney Westall, who played Shandel and junior Kyle Wright, who was one of the villagers.

The set was extremely well done, as it was completely designed by NKHS senior Sarah Steele, and constructed by a group of 27 students, including islanders Gorelick, Wright and sophomore Sarah Croak.

Because the play was doublecasted, there were four performances, and some of the larger roles were distributed between two casts.

Mazel Tov to all cast and crew.

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