2008-03-20 / The Walrus Says

The Walrus Says...

By Jim Munro

Can you imagine being homeless? Worst yet, can you imagine being homeless on the one day a year when you're in the spotlight?

While the Easter Bunny is cavorting around delivering all those sweet goodies to children everywhere, Buttercup, Pokie, Oreo and Yoda can only imagine the treats they are missing.

On Easter Sunday, a day that celebrates life and renewal, the four rabbits will spend their time at the Potter League in Middletown. Not that that's bad, actually they're quite lucky. But they'd rather be starting a new life with a new family somewhere.

Buttercup is a 1-year, 3-monthold male Angora-mix rabbit. Pokie, Oreo and Yoda are all domestic short-haired rabbits. Pokie, a white and brown female, is the oldest of the group at 2 years and 9 months old. Oreo is a bicolor male, 2 years and 5 months old, and Yoda is a brown female at 1 year and 1 month old.

All are spayed or neutered. You can see the quartet at www.potterleague. org. If you'd like to bring one home for Easter, adoption applications can be accessed and filled out online.

A twitch of the Walrus nose.


Referring to our item in the March 6 column regarding the governor's budget, Lisa Rafferty of the island's Bridges Inc, wrote, "Unfortunately, the governor agreed only to 'look' at the proposed cuts in the budget.

"On Saturday (March 8) about 500 people braved the wind and rain to speak to the legislators from Newport and Bristol counties about how the cuts would impact them and their family members. It was a great turnout. Both Sen. Teresa Paiva Weed and Rep. Bruce Long attended and listened to some very heart-wrenching testimony.

"If anyone wants more information about what we do, our funding, or wants to help us out, they can call at 423-1153."

Thanks Lisa, you're doing wonderful work.


R.I.P. Connie Armbrust. You gave so much to our island.


Boy Scout Troop 1 committeeman Tom Bailey reports that the troop on March 6 held a Court of Honor to recognize the accomplishments of several scouts.

Paul Zavislak was the first honoree and was belatedly presented his Scout Badge as a new member of the troop.

Nick Fay earned the rank of Tenderfoot. This is the first actual rank of scouting, and requires the scout to begin to learn the basic skills and knowledge of Scouting, such as simple first aid and how to work together with other scouts in their patrols and the troop.

Hayden Maclean earned the rank of Star Scout. Only two ranks below Eagle Scout, Star Scouts must demonstrate leadership, perform community service, and learn a variety of skills by earning Merit Badges.

Two Scouts, Danny Bailey and Jimmy Perry, earned the penultimate rank of Life Scout. In order to advance to Life, scouts must continue to serve in leadership positions in the troop, participate in more community service by performing their own service project, and earn at least 11 Merit Badges.

Michael Brendlinger, John Chase, and Chris Waterman joined Paul, Nick, Hayden, Danny, and Jimmy in earning Merit Badges. In all, these eight scouts earned a total of 16 Merit Badges, including Citizenship in the Nation, Lifesaving, Personal Fitness, Personal Management, Rifle Shooting, Weather, and Wood Carving.

Great job, guys. Thanks, Tom.


We were dazzled last week to see a red-bellied woodpecker at one of our feeders.


Delightful entrees and soups prepared by much heralded islander Ann Deffley, also known as The Traveling Gourmet, are now available at Grapes & Gourmet at East Ferry.


We note that the Jamestown Philomenian Library is having a book discussion group for children in the fourth through sixth grades and their parents on Tuesday, April 1, from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m.

The event is entitled "Freddie's Feed & Read."

But who is Freddie?

He's none other than Freddie Bingle, owner of House of Pizza. He volunteered to provide the "feed" part of Feed & Read and will send up a batch of his pizza. In return, the library named the discussion group in his honor.

The book to be read is "Notes from a Liar and her Dog," by Gennifer Choldenko.

The library requests that you RSVP so Freddie will know how many pies to make for his discussion group.


Congratulations to islander Dwight Smith who won honorable mention in the 2008 Open Show "Inside & Outside the Box" at the DeBlois Gallery in Newport.


Responding to our Feb. 28 poser, Barbara-Ann MacIntosh said the lyrics at first had her stumped but got it right with a little help from a friend. The beautiful song is by the Gershwin brothers.

For you, for me, for evermore

It's bound to be for evermore

It's plain to see we found by finding each other

The love we waited for.....

Mary Wright e-mailed: "I think the lyrics, 'for you, for me', comes from the song, 'The Best Things in Life are Free.'"

The stars belong to everyone,

They gleam there for you and me.

Sorry, Mary, no cigar. Would have been a good poser, though.


Save June 14 for the Jamestown PTO. That's the day of its big fundraiser, a golf tournament at the golf course.


Congratulations to islander Deb Ruggiero who will be going to the Democratic National Convention in Denver. She came in with 22,896 votes, fourth highest behind Myrth York, Joe Paolino and Jen Paolino.

And, Deb's radio show "Amazing Women" on 630WPRO has just been named Public Affairs Show of the Year by the Associated Press.

Great going, Deb!

*** What'll I do when........


Spring begins today, and Dr. Joshua Hatch of the Jamestown Animal Clinic says its time to get into the warmer weather mode.

"If you have discontinued your pet's heartworm preventative or flea and tick medication over the winter then you should restart those before the bugs come out again. If your dog has gone more than a couple months without heartworm preventative then we recommend retesting their heartworm status prior to starting their medication again.

"Also, dog licensing is mandatory during the month of April and your pet will need to have an up to date rabies vaccine certificate, so make sure they are in compliance well ahead of time as well to avoid any late charges or penalties. And although our feline companions do not require licenses, make sure that if they are venturing out into the wild that they are vaccinated and protected against parasites as well to insure a healthy, happy springtime for all."


*** Hooray, spring's back.


Tomorrow's full moon, depending on the native Indian or folklore source, has the various names Sap Moon, Crow Moon, and Lenten Moon.

*** Be true!


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