2008-03-27 / Editorial

Fireworks tradition returns to town beach

You may recall that last summer's fireworks extravaganza was the swan song for the Rocket Dawgz, an informal organization of islanders that for 12 years raised the money for and produced the annual Fourth of July pyrotechnical display.

We're pleased to report that the summer fireworks tradition will continue. The Town Council on Monday gave permission to a new group of islanders to stage a fireworks show at Mackerel Cove on Saturday, July 5.

This new group is calling itself the "Rocket (Quo) Hogs." The membership includes Gregg Charest, Kerry Sheehan, Bob Bailey, Ken Gladding, Scott Sherman, and Andrew Rushton.

As in the past, the quality of the local fireworks show depends on your donations. Send them your money and they will blow it up - it's the best bang for your buck that you'll find anywhere these days.

Show your patriotic spirit by mailing your donations to The Jamestown Fireworks Fund, c/o The Rocket 'Hogs, PO Box 1776, Jamestown, RI 02835.

You can also help out with the pyrotechnics by dropping your loose change into special "Ka- Boom" jars at island businesses.

For more information about the Rocket 'Hogs, call Gregg Charest at 423-3117 or Kerry Sheehan at 423-2568.

The Rocket 'Hogs promise that we'll have a blast this summer at the Mackerel Cove town beach.

- Jeff McDonough

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