2008-03-27 / Letters to the Editor

School budget gets support of SELAC

Two weeks ago, the Jamestown Press reported on the statement I made to the Jamestown School Committee regarding the Special Education Local Advisory Committee's (SELAC) position on the school budget. While the Press' report was not incorrect, it did not contain the full context of my statement.

Yes, I did mention our expectation that the School Committee should do the right thing should special situations arise, but I also stated that based on their past performance, both the school committee and the school department have acted accordingly and they have our confidence in keeping our students' best interests as their priority. I wish to thank the school committee and school department for generating a responsible budget given the challenges dealt to them. I also wish to thank the administration, faculty, and support staff for their hard work in assuring that the key elements of our effective special education program stay in place. In conclusion, I would like to voice my personal support for the school budget for 2008-09.

Anthony J. Rafanelli

Chairman, SELAC

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