2008-03-27 / Letters to the Editor

Smart car is good for environment

Just recently my neighbor got a new car. This isn't just any car, it's a Smart Fortwo. This car is a little over eight and half feet long, and weighs less than 1,650 pounds. The Smart Fortwo is the smallest (and cutest) car on the market. It has only two seats, and a hatchback, so it wouldn't be the best car for a four person family. It is small enough that you can fit two Smarts in one parking space, vertically and horizontally. This car is efficient. The Fortwo gets about 31 miles per gallon. The factory is in Hambach, France and believe or not I've been inside the factory. They are mostly made for driving around town and such, not really on the interstate. These cool cars really call for attention. Most Fortwo Smarts come in bright and flashy colors rather than dark colors. I like them so much because they are energetic looking and really help conserve gas. It's very special to me that finally my favorite car is where I live. Keep an eye out for the first Fortwo Smart in Jamestown.

Colette Baker Grade 5 - Jamestown School

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