2008-03-27 / The Walrus Says

The Walrus Says

By Jim Munro

It's that time of the year again. The warm weather is coming, and along with it, the ticks.

No longer can you put the kids into shorts on a hot day and send them out to play in the backyard. Now they have to be fully clothed and their hands and faces protected by bug repellent. Coming back into the house they are subjected to a thorough skin examination.

The cause of all this attention is the deer tick, carrier of the dreaded Lyme disease. If you know anyone who has experienced this malady you know how disabling it can be, even deadly. I equate it to having a rattlesnake living in your backyard.

I used to think that living near town, rather than the north end, we were probably relatively safe from the tick bite. That was until I looked out the kitchen window one morning and saw a deer running by my deck, just a block from the Jamestown School.

There are more deer around this year. The deer are multiplying and the danger increasing.

We can, and should, also take measures to protect our pets. Dr. Joshua Hatch of the Jamestown Animal Clinic says that tiny deer ticks are endemic to our island.

"In people, a classic 'bull's eye' lesion can signify a bite and symptoms can vary from a fever to joint pain to chronic illness. In our dogs, we also see a significant amount of Lyme disease and they can have similar fever, joint pain, and lethargy.

"Fortunately for our pets, there is an easy screen for Lyme disease and also for some related tick-borne illnesses that can be run in just a few minutes by your veterinarian. This is recommended as both an annual screen and if your pet is exhibiting symptoms consistent with this illness. "However, the best protection is prevention and regular use of a good tick preventative as well as carefully checking over your pets when they come in from outside is the best way to avoid potential infection." Thanks, Doctor, everybody cover up!


On the plus side, spring also brings with it the sight of young men walking down the street carrying their mitts on the way to baseball practice. Fire Chief Jim Bryer returns this year as coach of the Jamestown Babe Ruth team and has been conducting indoor workouts, whipping his team into shape. Assistant coaches are Roland Vigneault and Bill Page. The team will once more be sponsored by Ali's Run (Maureen Dunn-Packer). The roster to date includes Matt Baptista, Ryan Southworth, Christian Tiexiera, Marshall Vigneault, Nick Lutes, Bruce Page, Jacob Gomez, Ben Normand, Nathan Lambert, Vaughn Gooding, Emmet Noonan, Tyler Fandetti, Christian Ellerby and Grandson Tom. The team will be starting league play late next month. Have a great season, guys!

*** At the Boy Scout Troop 1 Court of Honor on March 6 members of Cub Scout Pack 1 "crossed over" and became members of the Troop.

They are; Ian Archibald, Truman Christie, Milo DiGasper, Finn Dwyer, Ryan Geib, Mason Kelly, Zachary Neronha, Michael Pratt, Charlie Tregenza and John Waddington.

A Scout Salute to all.


As in years past, the Easter Bunny delivered our first flowers of the season, pansies, to our back steps in the dead of night. We have never seen her arrival nor departure but each Easter morning she has reminded us of the meaning of the day. They are always the first flowers that we plant each year.

Hooray for the Easter Bunny whoever she may be.


Mary Murphy, Barbara-Ann MacIntosh, Larry Lewis, and Gloria Conley in Elizabeth City, NC, responded correctly to last week's poser.

Larry e-mailed, "It's Irving Berlin's 'What'll I Do', written in 1923 and recorded by a multitude of performers, ranging from Sinatra to the Golden Girls' Bea Arthur.

"The 1974 movie, 'The Great Gatsby,' with Robert Redford, utilized the song as its recurring theme music."

"What'll I do When you are far away And I am blue What'll I do?" Thanks guys!


Mornings at 7, Jitters in North Kingstown is the center of the Universe.


If the gals at the island's BankNewport find customers staring at them, it's their own darn fault.

Their baby pictures are on display challenging everyone to match the baby with the grown up.

The winners will be given a mystery prize at the end of April.

*** It only happens when............


The Jamestown Warrior reports that the art room at the Melrose Avenue branch of the Jamestown School is in need of plastic containers (assorted sizes, i.e. yogurt, margarine, cool whip, etc.); egg cartons; Styrofoam meat trays, wax paper and newspapers.


We went to our Funk & Wagnall's for the following:

Phantasmagorical - A shifting series of phantasms, illusions or deceptive appearances.

Panegyric - A lofty oration, or writing in praise of a person or thing.

Perspicacity - Keenness of mental perception and understanding.



A moment of mirth with Beth.

A second grader came home from school and said to her grandmother, "Grandma, guess what? We learned how to make babies today." The grandmother, more than a little surprised, tried to keep her cool.

"That's interesting," she said, "How do you make babies?"

"It's simple," replied the girl. "You just change 'y' to 'i' and add 'es.'"


Tuesday is All Fools Day. Be careful!

*** Be true!


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