2008-04-03 / Letters to the Editor

April 5 important day for pets

On Saturday, April 5, the Town of Jamestown will sponsor a rabies clinic at the fire station from 11 a.m. to noon.

This annual clinic sponsored by the Rhode Island Veterinarians Association offers rabies vaccinations at a very low cost. It is so important to have all pets receive this important vaccine. Rabies is a deadly disease which can infect humans as well as animals and presently is reaching epidemic proportions on the East Coast.

In the past, this disease was primarily transmitted through wildlife, but now there have been reports of rabies-infected cats and dogs in Rhode Island. State law mandates that all dogs, cats, and ferrets be vaccinated against rabies. So, please, if you have not had your pet vaccinated for rabies, come on down to the fire station this Saturday and have your pets get the rabies vaccine.

During this time, the town will also be offering dog licenses to island residents. In addition, members of the Humane Society will also be taking pet photos for our disaster file. Since Hurricane Katrina we have been working with the Jamestown Police to compile a file of photos and pertinent information on all Jamestown pets should an unfortunate disaster occur here.

As spring approaches we would like to remind Jamestown residents that we offer a rebate on spaying and neutering your pets. All we require is a receipt from a veterinarian that you have recently had your pet's reproductive abilities altered. We also have a compassionate response fund to financially assist Jamestown residents with medical expenses of their pets.

If you would like any information on either spaying/ neutering rebates or our compassionate-response fund, please call me at 423- 2186 or Donna at 423-1515 and leave a message. We will promptly return your call.

Nancy Crawford

Humane Society

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