2008-04-03 / Letters to the Editor

Thanks for the hospitality

The week of March 9, my wife and I had the pleasure of staying at the Bay Voyage Inn on our honeymoon. The three questions we were asked most during the week were first, where were we from (the accent gave us away), second, why we were there and when told it was our honeymoon, the third was why Rhode Island? It was explained to us it was the off season and there was nothing to do or see.

We spent a good month or more deciding on where to go on our honeymoon and carefully chose your town. We knew one of the risks would be horrible winter weather, but being from Mississippi the most horrible it gets for us is hurricanes and tornadoes, so we figured we'd chance it and hope for snow.

We were blessed with great weather that week and were able to find much to do.

The island is beautiful; we loved the lighthouse, windmill and every stone wall we saw.

What we loved most was that everybody welcomed us and made us feel at home. We live in the country, about an hour from the state capitol, Jackson, and 30 minutes from the nearest grocery. All that to say the whole time we were there we didn't hear a single siren or feel like we were anywhere but on our honeymoon.

We are already planning our first anniversary return.

Thank you so much for making our honeymoon a memorable one.

Montie and Kelly Moore

Pulaski, Miss.

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