2008-04-03 / News

Council approves additional downtown parking

By Sam Bari

Town Administrator Bruce Keiser presented recommendations from Traffic Committee Chairman Robert Bowen to the Town Council at its March 24 meeting.

The committee recommended that parking on Walcott Avenue be moved from the east to the west side from Brook Street to High Street. The committee also recommended extending parking on Union Street, and to restrict truck-loading zones on Narragansett Avenue.

The council debated the matter and voted to support the recommendations. However, Keiser said the proposals must be sent to the state Traffic Commission for approval before they can be implemented.


Commission liaison

Town Council President Julio DiGiando appointed Councilwoman Barbara Szepatowski to fill the vacancy of Town Council Liaison to the Conservation Commission. Szepatowski happily accepted the appointment and said she has always been involved in conservation and environmental projects and that she considered conservation matters to be a top priority.

Flag request for Town Hall

The Town Council denied the Armenian National Committee of Rhode Island's request to fly the Armenian flag at Town Hall, citing the Jamestown Flag Policy adopted by the Town Council on May 29, 2001 as the reason for the decision. The vote to deny was unanimous.

Conanicut Battery ceremony

The council unanimously approved a request from Mary Vieira and Glen Spears to set up a tent for a wedding ceremony at the Conanicut Battery on July 5, 2008.

License applications

The council voted unanimously to approve an application by Gregg R. Charest of Ship Street to stage a fireworks display on the west side of Mackerel Cove Beach July 5. The request was approved with the condition that the newly formed "Rocket (Quo) Hogs" organization contract the same pyrotechnics firm as their predecessor the "Rocket Dawgz" used for the last 12 years. Charest assured the council that they "have every intention of following in the traditions of the renowned Rocket Dawgz anyway, and that they would indeed use the same company to set off the fireworks."

The council unanimously approved one-day vendor and entertainment licenses to applicant Maureen Dunn Packer for the annual Ali Dunn-Packer Memorial Road Race on June 1, so food can be sold and a DJ can provide entertainment for the event at the Fort Getty Pavilion.

The council also approved a holiday license application for The Secret Garden at 12 Southwest Ave., and a renewal for The Theater Family Restaurant at 34 Narragansett Ave.

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