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The Walrus Says

By Jim Munro

As reported in Publisher Jeff McDonough's editorial last week, the island will have fireworks as usual this upcoming Independence Day weekend.

The Rocket Dawgz, with the donations of Jamestowners and even off-islanders, rocked the heavens for the past 12 years over East Ferry, Mackerel Cove and Beavertail. The annual event became so popular that families planned their family reunions to coincide with the shoot.

Upon the retirement of the Dawgz there was speculation whether or not others would pick up where the Dawgz left off and carry on the tradition.

Welcome to the Rocket (Qua)hogs - Gregg Charest, Kerry Sheehan, Bob Bailey, Ken Gladding, Scott Sherman and Andrew Rushton - who have joined together pledging pyrotechnic displays to hearten the souls of the Dawgz and bring joy to the island populace.

Money left over from last year, some $1,200, much of which was collected on the beach at last year's display and the remainder from late donations, will be presented next Wednesday to the 'Hogs as seed money for their fund-raising activities. A check will be given to the 'Hogs at Trattoria Simpatico at 8 p.m. The cost of this year's shoot has gone up 10 percent. The 'Hogs have contracted with Telstar Pyrotechnics of Jaffrey, NH, which produced the last 12 displays. This year's shoot is scheduled for July 5 and with the 4th on a Friday it should be a spectacular weekend.

Left over from the Dawgz run are unsold Rocket Dawgz T-shirts and they have been donated to the 'Hogs by Rum Runner Silkscreen and Embroidery and are available at Jamestown Hardware.

"Hog Scott Sherman said all proceeds from the shirts, which are now considered collectors' items, "will be blown up!"

Gregg Charest said that the success of Jamestown's Independence Day fireworks has been due chiefly "to the generosity and patriotism of island residents."

Donations can be sent to the Jamestown Fireworks Fund, c/o The Rocket 'Hogs, PO Box 1776, Jamestown 02835.

Questions? Call Gregg at 423- 3117 or e-mail GregCharest@cox. net, or call Kerry Sheehan at 423- 2568 or e-mail jtowntees@aol. com.



The island's best-known snow birds are back in their nest at Zeek's Creek. A sign that warmer days are coming.


We hope you can follow this.

It seems that last Tuesday's Freddie's Feed and Read program at the Jamestown Library was not named after our beloved Freddie Bingle of House of Pizza after all, but rather after book character Freddy the Pig and Freddy's Feed and Read in Missoula, Montana.

Due to a misunderstanding on our part, the session was not named for our Freddie because he donated the pizzas, although he did.

The library's Rowena Burke hastened to Ace's Pizza and told the owner she wasn't meaning to slight them!

Rowena explained to us that Freddy the Pig is a character in a series of popular chapter books by Walter R. Brooks. "Actually, they were popular especially with boys in the currently age 50 and over crowd."

She added that Freddy's Feed and Read is a grocery and takeout deli that shares space with a 5,000-title fiction section and a raft of periodicals.

We thought that the library program being named after the House of Pizza was a great idea. It gives the business community involvement with the library. Also, our Freddie deserves a big pat on the back for his many generous donations to island activities.

So, enough of Freddy the Pig and Freddy's Feed and Read in Missoula, how about Chopmist Charlie's Feed and Read, the Oyster Bar Feed and Read, the Jamestown Hardware Feed and Read.

The possibilities are endless.


R.I.P. Fuzzy. The island is not the same.


Kudos to Councilman Bob Sutton on his remarks regarding the Sole Source Aquifer. He really did his homework.


Dr. Joshua Hatch of the Jamestown Animal Clinic tells of the importance of spaying in his Pet Tip of the Week.

"Spaying your pets carries many benefits, not the least of which is avoiding any unexpected new puppies or kittens. Spayed pets are seven times less likely to develop mammary cancer compared with their unsprayed counterparts if spayed prior to their first heat cycle.

"Also, spaying eliminates the risk of ovarian and uterine cancer later in life and greatly reduces the risk of a life threatening infection of the uterus as well. Although spayed dogs may be more likely to develop urinary incontinence, hypothyroidism, or obesity, those are all manageable conditions that are far less life threatening than cancer and infections.

"Eliminating the heat cycle is another benefit, although it is often more of a nuisance than a medical problem. Discuss any concerns with your veterinarian but unless you will be breeding your pet, strongly consider the benefits of spaying your pet."


Kath Bartley reports that she has had a pair of red-bellied woodpeckers in her yard on Spindrift Street for four years.


Regarding last week's poser, Bob Kinder was in with the right answer as was Larry Lewis, who came up with another song with the same four-word teaser.

We were looking for Irving Berlin's "It only happens when I dance with you, That trip to heaven till the dance is through, With no one else do the heavens seem quite so near, Why does it happen, dear, only with you?"

Larry said the song was in the 1948 film, "Easter Parade."

He also came up with Jackie Wilson's "It Only Happens When I Look At You."

Never heard of that one. Thanks guys, keep humming.


The Ali's Run Race Committee is seeking sponsorship for the 7th Annual Ali Dunn Packer Memorial Road Race to be held Sunday, June 1, at Ft. Getty.

The event includes a USTAF Certified 5K run, 5K walk, kids' fun run and a family event following the race for runners, walkers and their families.

The fund has continued to promote teen awareness with respect to the responsibilities that accompany "growing up" in today's world.

The race was organized as a memorial to Ali Dunn Packer, a vibrant 15-year-old Jamestown resident and LaSalle Academy student who died tragically in an automobile accident on June 3, 2001.

Inquires and donations can be made through the Ali Dunn Packer Memorial Fund, Inc., PO Box 3, Jamestown, 02835 or by calling 423-9695. The e-mail address is alisrun@aol.com.

*** Can't you hear me calling . . .


The school nurse in the Jamestown Warrior reports that, "Puberty has arrived in grade 5 - A very exciting day for all the fifth grade students."

We don't remember it being such a big deal.


The Walrus salutes the king of Bhutan. He told his people he was putting GNP on the back burner and concentrating on GNH - Gross National Happiness.


Saturday is Tartan Day. It marks the day 700 years ago when the ancestors of Scottish-Americans rallied together for liberty and freedom from the English crown.

*** Be true!


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