2008-04-10 / Letters to the Editor

Fuzzy's fondly remembered

Every Thursday I look forward to hopping online to read the Press. More and more I see sad news. Those of us who have grown up on the rock are getting older, and as such the death of loved ones and friends becomes more common. Let's just say last Thursday was not a good day. I want to share a memory that many of us have.

Some you only have heard of Fuzzy's. To some, it has always been the Oyster Bar. But to those of us who got to know Fuzzy and his establishment, will always think of the many ice creams, pizza after ball games, and his warm smile.

I remember one time four of us kids went to the window to get ice cream. When Fuzzy got to the fourth kid, the boy said, "That's ok, I don't have any money." The boy sure was happy when four cones came out the window.

Every winter break as a kid there was a basketball tournament at the 8-foot baskets at the Rec Center for the younger kids. The older kids picked teams and coached. Others kept score. Every kid got a shirt, a ribbon, a trophy and at the end of the tournament, a pizza party. Fuzzy, we all looked forward to the Pizza Classic.

If the impact of Fuzzy isn't enough, just ask the countless teenagers (who are now old) whose first job was making pizza, maybe start with the guy who just sent pizzas to the library who taught him.

I want to thank you Fuzzy for the memories and happiness you gave to many people of the island, I only wish I could re-open Ken's and toast you properly, maybe a duck hook into the stone wall on the first tee will do it.

I think today I will buy a kid an ice cream. Godspeed, Fuzzy.

Chris Smyth Louisville, Ky.

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