2008-04-17 / Editorial

Coyote information hotline has answers


It seems that just about everyone in Jamestown has a coyote story to tell. The critters are now an entrenched part of our island life.

We see the coyotes in our backyards and along the roads. Stories of coyotes snatching unsuspecting cats and small dogs have become grist for island legends. They probably keep the island skunk population under control.

Coyotes have adapted well to living wild on the fringes of our civilization. In fact, it is we humans who put out the food that keeps the coyotes coming back for more.

This week a coyote information hotline was launched by the Potter League for Animals and the Jamestown-based Conservation Agency Narragansett Bay Coyote Study.

Dial 924-HOWL (4695) to have your coyote questions answered by a knowledgeable expert. Safety concerns will be directed to the local police department.

If you would like to learn more about coyotes and the ongoing study, visit www.theconservationagency. org. There you'll find a boatload of information about these wild canines and the study underway to understand their behaviors.

- Jeff McDonough

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