2008-04-17 / Letters to the Editor

New construction a monster to privacy

What has happened to Lower Shoreby Hill? Home construction in keeping with its 19th century appearance? Or with pleasant blending? Or neighborly consideration by builders? Nothing. Gone with the winds!

Witness next door to our Smith House, on Longfellow Road. Month after month of backhoes and bulldozers and scores of huge trucks; all rebuilding parts of the Noll-built house on Standish atop the hill. But, now not only is a swimming pool being built on the property, but a two-story pool house, a mere two inches from my property line on the south.

Zoning laws require 18 feet in height of any structure, but does this look like it?

Not only does it block my view of peaceful 19th century Priscilla Road, but the pool house in itself is an invasion of privacy so close.

Why has all this been allowed? Is it because Lower Shoreby Hill residents were not consulted? No one asked me if I would mind. The structure is just the last straw.

Diana Smith


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