2008-04-17 / News

Ordinance needs to be changed for outhauls

By Sam Bari

A group of commercial fishermen led by David Pritchard confronted the Harbor Management Commission at its April 9 meeting about letters they received saying that their outhaul permits would expire on Oct. 15. The matter was brought up during the open forum.

"Why do we have to be out of the water by Oct. 15?" Pritchard asked. "We'll still be fishing."

Nobody on the commission seemed to know why the letter was sent to the outhaul permit holders who were waiting for a decision so they could renew their permits for the upcoming season.

Commissioner Andrew Kallfelz asked what the ordinance said. Chairman Michael de Angeli looked it up and said, "I don't believe it says anything about outhauls."

After much discussion and speculation about how and why the letters were sent out, de Angeli said, "We can't act on the matter now, because it isn't an agenda item."

The chairman added that the ordinance would have to be changed to define regulations for outhauls. He told the fishermen to cross out the date and hand in their applications. He said the matter would be put on the agenda for the May meeting and the problem would be addressed.

In other business, harbor clerk Kim Devlin said that Recreation Department Director Bill Piva requested a letter be sent to all outhaul customers saying that a trailer parking place does not come with outhaul permits.

According to Devlin, Piva said that outhaul customers were leaving their trailers parked while their boats were in the water for the season. De Angeli directed Devlin to draft a letter to the outhaul permit holders.

Executive Director Thomas Tighe reported that a meeting would be held at the town solicitor's office April 23 with the town and Ribcraft management to discuss the Harbormaster's boat. Tighe said that Ribcraft was making the repairs but did not indicate when the work would be completed.

The meeting is being held to determine who is responsible for the cost of the required repairs that were caused by galvanic corrosion.

Harbormaster Sam Paterson reported that the pump outs "would be ready to go on May 1."

Chairman de Angeli reported that the Harbor Management Ordinance and Comprehensive Harbor Management Plan were nearly complete. He said everything would be finished with one more meeting.

Budget Committee Chairman Chris Brown said that mooring permit rates would stay the same for the 2008 season.

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