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This week in Island history

Week of April 24
Compiled by Sue Maden

100 years ago From the Newport Daily News, April 22, 1908

The fire alarm was rung about 10:30 this morning for a brush fire on Taylor's point. The man in charge of Miss E. H. Hacker's place … rode to the station to give an alarm, whereas a telephone message to any of the stations near the engine house would have saved much time.

The Jamestown Band was out last evening for the first time this year, the occasion being a serenade to Mr. and Mrs. John E. Watson.

From the Newport daily News, April 24, 1908

U. S. Collier Caesar, which is anchored in the east bay with two submarines on board, is attracting more than passing notice from the passengers on the ferry, which passes close by her on the trip to Newport.

From the Newport Daily News, April 25, 1908

The Fort Greble baseball team will play the Training Station team at that place this afternoon.

The first lobster shipment of the season was made today when five barrels were shipped to Newport.

75 years ago From the Newport Daily News, April 22, 1933

At a special meeting of the town council … it was voted that notice be posted that the Council intends to grant permits to the White Nook, Jamestown Pharmacy and Lyons market for the sale of light wines and beer.

The Americanization classes, which have been conducted in the Carr school for the past winter, by Miss Claire Weicker as teacher, came to a close Friday evening, with an entertainment by the students and short talks by the members of the school committee, who were guests of the evening. There were also many friends of the students present.

The ringing of the fire bell at 9 o'clock Friday evening was for a grass fire on the east Shore road, opposite the Tweed nurseries.

From the Newport Daily News, April 27, 1933

At the meeting of the town council it was … voted that the town of Jamestown request the State Unemployment Relief Commission for a second loan of $3,833.92 for the relief of the unemployed in Jamestown; that the town adopt daylight savings time, commencing April 30, at 2 a.m.

The flagpole at the Narragansett avenue engine house, which was donated by Charles H. Brooks, has been set in place and the new flag floated for a short time Thursday.

50 years ago From the Newport Daily News, April 23, 1958

Six troops of Jamestown Girl Scouts and Brownies took part in the first neighborhood Juliette Low rally yesterday afternoon at the Recreation Center, before a large gathering of parents and friends.

From the Newport Daily News, April 24, 1958

The Commerce Oil Refining Corp. has notified the federal Securities and Exchange Commission it "is postponing its financing indefinitely."

From the Newport Daily News, April 25, 1958

Dutch Island, the 75-acre former military reservation once known as Fort Greble, was conveyed to the state for use as a wildlife preserve yesterday by the federal government.

Vandals this week scattered one-inch roofing nails in the driveways of five members of the Jamestown Protective Assn., which strongly opposes the proposed oil refinery in town.

From the Newport Daily News, April 29, 1958

The Jamestown Ferry Authority informed the Town Council at its meeting last night that the authority cannot see any reason why the state should be expected to transport Jamestown school children, who attend schools in Newport, free of charge on the ferry. … The original request for free transportation came from the School Committee, seeking to save the taxpayers more than $1,000 in transportation.

25 years ago From the Newport Daily News, April 25, 1983

"A Salute to the USO" in Jamestown Saturday drew throngs of people. The celebration honored the USO building, which opened in 1942. Since World War II, it has served as a town recreation center and meeting place.

From the Newport Daily News, April 27, 1983

The Town Council adopted the numbering ordinance Monday night giving residents 90 days to number homes and buildings on the Island. … Odd numbers will be assigned to the west and south sides and even numbers to the east and north sides. … The town engineer is designing the numbering system and will be making the assignments. One number will be assigned for each 20 feet of street or highway footage.

15 years ago From the Jamestown Press, April 22, 1993

Town water users will see an increase in their next water bill. Sitting as the Board of Water and Sewer Commissioners Monday, the Town Council voted 5-0 to raise the minimum meter charges, which are billed quarterly, as follows: 5/8-inch meter from $28 to $30 … 4-inch meter from $233 to $250.

About 100 volunteers collected more than 5.5 tons of trash Sunday in the fourth annual island cleanup day. The event had been postponed from Saturday due to stormy weather.

10 years ago From the Jamestown Press, April 23, 1998

Upgrading work underway on Southwest Avenue for the past two weeks by the state Department of Transportation has been stopped due to concerns by the Narragansett Indians that ancient graves and artifacts will be disturbed. The decision was made to stop work last Friday, and a meeting was held Monday morning between representatives of DOT, the Narragansett tribe, Jamestown, and the state Historic Preservation Commission.

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