2008-05-08 / Editorial

Plans for LNG port not yet dead

Just when we thought we were safe, Jamestown is again threatened by developers. We learned recently from state Rep. Bruce Long that new plans have surfaced to build an LNG terminal here.

Developers now want to build an LNG port facility on Mount Hope Bay from where the LNG could be piped up the Taunton River to Fall River.

If you'll recall, such an LNG port would mean that at least one LNG ship per week would be sailing up the East Passage of Narragansett Bay.

Each time a massive LNG ship traverses the bay, the bay will be closed to all recreational boating activity. An LNG terminal will have a serious impact on our environment and local boating economy.

But, the most important factor in opposing an LNG terminal is our own safety. Each time an LNG ship passes between Jamestown and Newport all island residents will be exposed to possible incineration should an unthinkable accident occur.

No one would escape from the fireball. Do we want our children to be placed in that extreme danger on a weekly basis?

Given the state of the world, why should we allow such an attraction to terrorists to be placed at our front door?

We must maintain our staunch opposition to locating an LNG terminal here. Don't hesitate to write to the governor and your state legislators. Write to your congressman and U.S. senators.

Tell them to put the LNG terminal elsewhere. Be an LNG Nimby (not in my back yard).

- Jeff McDonough

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