2008-05-15 / The Walrus Says

The Walrus Says

By Jim Munro

Ask anybody and they'll tell you there's nothing like a Sunday afternoon at the Ganny.

Add to that the wonderful sounds of the four-piece Dead Blues Society band plus every style of hot dogs, and beans, and you have an exceptional afternoon.

That's what's happening this Sunday at the Narragansett Cafe in a fund-raiser for the Jamestown Medical Fund. The event is sponsored by the Dead Blues Society and the lively gang from the Cathryn Jamieson Salon with the cooperation of the Ganny's new owners. The goal is to raise $2,500 for the local fund.

There will be an "awesome" raffle and silent auction. As of last weekend there was a variety of items including a Wellness Basket jammed full of $1,000 worth of goodies, a liquor basket, books, and framed artwork, including an original sketch by the late renowned Wickford artist Paule Loring.

During an intermission, Nurse Practitioner Kathy Westall will outline the method of obtaining access to the fund.

The fun time runs from 2 to 5 p.m. Tickets are $10 and can be purchased at the salon or at the door.

The hot dog buns will be donated by McQuade's Market.

Make mine with mustard and kraut and celery salt, please!


The Rockethogs have launched a web site at www.rockethogs. com.

Recent fireworks donations have come in from Connel Cannon of Beavertail Road and Dot Norton and Joe Tiexiera of Howland Avenue who wrote, "so glad the 'Hogs picked up the tradition where the 'Dawgz' got started and did such a great job for so many years. Good luck!," Daphne and Stephen Meredith from Wellesley, Mass.; William and Marion Sheehan of Cole Street; and Mark and Kristin Bettencourt from Hingham, Mass.

Head Hog Gregg Charest reports that the 'Hogs will have a table set up in front of the fire museum on Memorial Day for islanders to empty out change from their pockets or bring their change jars from home. "I want to blow it all up on July 5. The folks at BankNewport's North Kingstown branch are going to help us put it all through the industrial change counter, so no amount of spare change is too large, or too small! There will also be T-shirts on sale."

Send donations to the Fireworks Fund, Box 1776, Jamestown 02835. KA-BOOM!


Don't forget the Pasta Dinner by Boy Scout Troop 1 Saturday, May 17, from 5 to 7 p.m. at St. Matthew's Episcopal Church. Last year 87 pounds of pasta was consumed and the troop is going for 100 this year. Tickets are $9 for adults and $5 for children.



. . . the way you been acting lately makes me doubt!


Islander Mary Lou Harrison's artwork is being shown at the Spring Bull Gallery in Newport. The show is entitled, "Al and the Jersey Girls Paint New England" and will be hanging for the remainder of May.

Mary Lou told us that Jamestowner Al Matukaitis is the Al in the title and that Mary Lou, Lisa Bliss and Laura Oakley are the Jersey Girls. "We have been plein air watercolor painting chums for a numbers of years, painting the local New England surrounding area. Discovering our New Jersey ties bonded us even more and whimsically made its way into the title of our exhibit."

Mary Lou also has a painting in the Newport Art Museum in the Newport Art Guild Exhibit, titled "Three Umbrellas at Beavertail."


There are new quadrupeds on the island.

Anthony Pinheiro has adopted Wyatt, a 3-month old male black and white border collie, from the Potter League for Animals in Middletown. Anthony said Wyatt has been with him for two weeks and is adapting nicely.

Also adopted from Potter are two Guinea pigs, Pork Chop and Bacon Bits who are guaranteed never to be lonely. LuAnn Botelho brought the two 8-week-old pigs as company for a third one that is named Bubba.

Pork Chop and Bacon Bits join an animal family that includes Abby, a 3-year-old search and rescue bloodhound; Clown, a male greyhound adopted from the Lincoln Dog Track; Shylo, an adopted 8-year-old beagle; and the patriarch of LuAnn's canines, Jake, a 17-year-old male dalmation that originally lived on Joe Dutra's farm. "He is white with black spots and looks like a cow," LuAnn explained.

But wait, there's more. Two, 10-month-old male kittens, Peanut and Jesse were found in a litter of four in a cardboard box discarded alongside the road. They joined two stray male tiger cats that Lu- Ann took in, Old Timer, 9 and Tiger, 5.

Oh, and three fish and three birds.

Welcome to Jamestown Wyatt, Pork Chop and Bacon Bits and the whole bunch of you.


Bob Kinder, former islander Don Barry of Saratoga Springs, N.Y.; Barbara-Ann MacIntosh, who quipped that North Road was better when the Transfer Station was just a dump; and Larry Lewis all knew that the Shadow's civilian name was Lamont Cranston, "a mild mannered man." Don replied to our second question by stating that the Shadow was first voiced by Frank Readick Jr. and later by Orson Wells.

Larry explained that Shadow episodes can still be heard. "I'm a satellite radio subscriber (XM) and they have a channel which plays nothing but old-time radio programs of all formats, including the Shadow. It's great entertainment and a reminder of how effective the medium was at conveying mood, in contrast to current reality show-based pablum. Maybe past FCC chairman Newton Minow was right, in claiming television to be a 'vast wasteland.'

The Shadow knows!


Brace yourselves for more paisley shorts and black socks this summer. Yankee's May/June Travel Issue is telling all about our fair isle. The headline calls it a Sunset Paradise with "The most beautiful Ocean Views in the Ocean State. A striking contrast to Newport - Jamestown is both a residential community and a seaside resort that doesn't feel like one, even at the height of the summer season."

The three page article outlines the places to visit and much of the history behind them. It notes that the Ganny is "one of the last of a dying breed of local hangouts." The article tells you where to stay, what to do, and where to eat though the latter category doesn't mention Trattoria, Trish's, Chopmist's or the PACC.

There are pictures of fishing off the dock, visitors drinking Del's, the Newport Bridge, painters at Beavertail, Spinnakers, the Hunt Block and the lighthouse.

The Beavertail State Park made the Editor's Choice list.


It's time for the cats. Last week we told you about a new book at the library written by a dog. Now the library's Rowena Burke says she has a children's biography called "Joseph and Chico: The Life of Pope Benedict XVI as Told by a Cat." Chico is a ginger tabby cat, who lived in Germany with the Pope long before he became the Pope. Chico is one devoted cat, as he stayed behind when the Pope moved to the Vatican. When the Pope returns home for visits, Chico jumps right in his lap as the Pope plays Mozart on his piano!


Saturday is Armed Forces Day; give a serviceman or woman a hug!

The full moon on Monday is the Planting Moon or Milk Moon.

*** Be True!

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