2008-05-22 / Letters to the Editor

Sutton, Kelly views are inflamatory

I would like to address the concerns of Mr. Kelly and Mr. Sutton regarding the school. I took offense to the statement we are a magnet for special education students. The whole town should be proud of that.

It is true some people have moved here because of the program, however, houses get bought, taxes get paid just like everyone else. Most parents are willing to get the best education for their children regardless of their ability. What is wrong with that? I also know of many parents with typical children who have moved here because of the schools, yet that does not seem to be a problem for some members of the Town Council.

Regarding the appointment of two principals, I can tell you that Mrs. Almanzor and Mrs. Melucci work extremely hard every day. They are there very early in morning addressing parent, student, and staff issues and also very late into the day attending meetings, overseeing after-school programs plus addressing all the mandates required by the state. They do not have the luxury of starting with a cup of coffee at one of our restaurants enjoying the day. I would like to invite both of you to come in and spend some time following them around, I guarantee you will be exhausted.

In closing, I hope we can keep a healthy relationship between town and school. Our school committee and administration, as far as I can see, do not question your budget decisions. Please let them do their job and know that they consider it very important to be fiscally responsible. Please do not turn this into "us vs. them." Karen Rafanelli Jamestown

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