2008-05-29 / Letters to the Editor

Council should inform of concerns

We would like to thank Councilmen Kelly and Sutton for informing the residents of Jamestown about their concerns regarding the Jamestown Schools. For those of us without any direct connection to the schools this is a very important service.

Town Council members are elected to represent the interests of all Jamestown taxpayers. Ideally, they do this by attending meetings, questioning presenters, seeking additional information and advising the electorate of their concerns.

While some issues have more impact and importance than others, no department is an autonomous entity and Jamestown property taxes fund all town services.

One commentator on this issue "hopes for a healthy relationship between town and school." We certainly applaud and support that hope. But unless the discussion is based on mutual respect and focused on issues, public discussion may degenerate into the appalling behavior we have seen in recent years at North Kingstown School Committee meetings. And then we'll all be losers. Carol Buglio Susan Greene Jamestown

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