2008-05-29 / Letters to the Editor

Honored to represent mothers on Mother's Day

Time has flown by since I was so singularly honored to represent all of the mothers, grandmothers and great-grandmothers on the island in the Mothers Day feature story. It was a lovely article, and I was so proud to see almost all of my family in the picture we call the "Generations." It as been my very good fortune to have been able to have come to Jamestown as a young woman, to meet and marry my husband and to raise our kids in such a great town. I want to also express my thanks to all of my family and friends who make every day a truly great one.

It was a wonderful weekend, having spent most of Saturday with Richardson family visitors we haven't seen in years, who gathered from the West Coast and the South to reconnect with family throughout Southern New England. They left years ago, some as young children and came back as grandparents, for a great reunion.

That wonderful day was followed by the super birthday celebration, which caught me totally off guard, thanks to my whole family who planned and executed a great surprise. My thanks to the PAC Club staff for delicious food and to everyone who came to celebrate with me making this birthday a memorable one.

Thanks to the Press for the happy birthday photo, and to everyone who sent me birthday greetings. Many treasured memories were recalled throughout the party and in the days that have followed and are much appreciated by one octogenarian who will never forget her 80th birthday. Charlotte S. Richardson Jamestown

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