2008-05-29 / Letters to the Editor

Won't put up with doubled fee

The police department has taken over the billing for the annual fire/burglar alarm fee and I am in receipt of a bill for double the amount I have paid in the past.

I have an alarm that I put in 10 years ago because I wanted fire protection for my animal. At the same time, and I presume still, it was one alarm going in on one phone line to a central station that monitors this alarm and calls the police department if they are unable to reach me or my backup contact person.

Apparently the town has not been charging us enough over the last ten years and now has interpreted the ordinance to read a separate yearly charge of $36 for fire and burglar as opposed to one fee for the alarm. I have no problem paying for a permit to install the alarm and I have no problem being charged extra if my alarm goes off repeatedly, but, if my neighbor calls in a fire or burglary or I call 911, there is no fee. Why should we be paying twice as much as before when there is no increase in service by the town whatsoever?

I have to believe this is a cheap attempt to generate cash by way of these relatively little fees that most people choose to pay because it is not worth their time fighting. I've had it and believe we need to stand up and say enough! This increase is capricious and excessive and totally unfair. Sydney Waller Jamestown

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