2008-05-29 / News

Zoning board having a quiet spring

By Sam Bari

The Zoning Board of Review has had a quiet spring season, with few applications for new homes or renovations requiring variance from town building codes.

Applicant Thomas F. Alexander represented himself at Tuesday night's zoning meeting in a request for a variance at his 959 East Shore Rd. property. Alexander applied to construct an enclosed porch 16- feet from the southerly lot line instead of the required 30-feet. The house is located in an RR80 zone on a 26,500 square foot lot.

Chairman Thomas Ginnerty wrote a motion to deny the request because the application did not meet the requirements of the board to grant relief. The board agreed and upheld the motion to deny with a unanimous vote.

Residential designer Tyler Zagryn represented Robert and Meg Myles whose property is located at 7 Felucca Ave., in their application for a dimensional regulation variance. The application entailed adding a second-floor addition to an existing non-conforming structure which will be 2.6-feet from the northerly side of the lot line, 20-feet being required, and 20-feet from the easterly side or front lot line, 40-feet being required. The house is located in an R40 zone on a 28,800 square foot lot.

Board member Joe Logan wrote a motion to approve the request because the application satisfied the requirements of the board to grant relief. Ginnerty seconded the motion. The board voted unanimously to approve the application.

In another matter, Providence Attorney Katherine McNamara Feodoroff represented Howard and Ann Huntoon in their application for a dimensional regulation variance governing the maximum size of accessory structures. The application to demolish, rebuild and expand a non-conforming 18- by 20-foot shed, 4.3-feet from the front property line facing Coulter Street where 30-feet is required, and 2.5-feet from the northerly lot line, where 10-feet is required was met with mixed feelings by the board. The applicant purchased the property as a non-conforming lot because the original construction and configuration of buildings predated zoning. If the application were granted, the combined footprint of the accessory structures would expand to 655 square feet. The 11,407 square foot property is located in an R40 zone at 20 Coulter St.

Board member Richard Boren wrote a motion to deny the request because too many accessory buildings were on the small lot. Town Solicitor Wyatt Brochu said that withdrawing the motion was permissible under the circumstances. The applicant agreed to the restriction and Boren withdrew his motion to deny. Then he made a verbal motion to grant the application with restrictions.

Before seconding, Ginnerty suggested taking a straw vote to see if the remaining members of the panel agreed that removing the smaller building was enough to gain their support to approve the request. Board members Logan and Nardolillo did not agree that removing the structure was enough to grant relief. Consequently, Boren reinstated his original motion. The board voted 3-2 to deny the application.

An application from Jack F. Phelan, Jr., whose property is located on Gondola Street, was granted a continuance to the June meeting of the board at the request of zoning officer Fred Brown.

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