2008-05-29 / News

Indigo bunting, tanager make appearance at annual bird count

The 24th Annual Conanicut Island Spring Bird Count was held on Sunday, May 18 and a total of 89 species of birds were observed.

The count was far fewer than in past years, possibly attributable to fewer observers. Notable sightings included the orchard oriole, Baltimore oriole, indigo bunting, scarlet tanager, least flycatcher, least sandpiper, common loon and 12 species of warblers. Eight ospreys were sighted on the day of the count.

Participants included Christine Ariel, B.J. Whitehouse, Wayne Munns, Jim Meyers, Ed Dettmann, Sonya Kassal, Chris Powell, and Candy Powell. Those reporting from home included Gail Chase, Karen Osenton, Anne Garnett, Don Minto and Dick Boenning. For a complete list of birds seen contact Candy Powell at 423-1492. For information on future bird counts or to report interesting bird sightings, contact Candy, or Evely Rhodes at 423-1254.

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