2008-06-05 / Letters to the Editor

Many views on animal shelter needed

One of the reasons I moved to Jamestown in 1970 was because of the practically non-existent "leash laws."

For the past 20 years, I've divided my time between here and East Greenwich, because of my delivery business and that town's accessibility to points north, south, east and west. My decision on where to retire will be greatly colored by this "dog business."

There is no "pound" in East Greenwich. Volunteers work in conjunction with the East Greenwich Animal Hospital who provide boarding and health care for a fee. They have a 95 percent placement program.

I am a firm opponent of "No Kill Shelters," these animals are in many cases doomed to "life without parole." People are more apt to adopt an animal whose days are numbered.

I would love to share with Barabara Szepatowski how successful their "foster home" program is. Bad idea? Good idea? It matters not. What makes a great leader is their ability to reach out to like-minded people with their hearts as big as her own.

Her concept of working with eighth graders was a good start, but, I agree with the Town Council that she is putting the cart before the horse and needs a committee, which I would be honored to serve on. Arlene Seraichyk West Ferry

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