2008-06-12 / The Walrus Says

The Walrus Says

By Jim Munro

The delightful "Miracle on 34th Street" will be presented by the Jamestown Community Theatre as its next production in the fall.

Produced in cooperation with the Jamestown Recreation Department, the play will be directed by Mary Wright and Carol Hopkins and will be performed the weekends of Nov. 14 and 21. "Since this play's story begins around Thanksgiving and proceeds through most of December, we feel we will be appropriately in sync with the calendar," Mary said. Audition dates will be announced later this month.

In the wonderful original movie, Edmund Gwenn played a character with the real name of Kris Kringle, and was the personification of good will and holiday spirit. As Macy's holiday Santa, he enchanted chidren and shoppers so completely he was thought to be dangerous by other employees who questioned his sanity and plot to ruin him. A small girl, played by Natalie Wood, believes in Santa and the magic of the holiday and fears they are at risk in a climactic courtroom decision. Others in the 1947 movie were Maureen O'Hara, John Payne and Gene Lockhart.

It was originally produced as a play by the New York State Theatre Institute. The JCT play will have some music from previous productions plus added Christmas melodies and Thanksgiving interludes.

Mary added, "This tender and charming Christmas classic is for the entire family. If you have been in one of our plays before, come on back, if you haven't, come and join us. There will be singing and non-singing roles."


Head Rocket 'Hog Gregg Charest reports, "We're closing the gap, but there are still thousands of dollars to raise! As of today there will only be 22 days until the fireworks. I need to collect nearly $200 per day to make this work! To equal last year's display, I have to collect $300 per day! Send it in to Box 1776, Jamestown 02835, so we can blow it up!"

Donors last week are: Blair and Elizabeth Boyer of Beavertail Road; Sally and Mercer Garnett of Longfellow Road; Betty DiDonato, Pennsylvania Avenue; Charles A Young, Lawn Avenue; Anne and Bill Ewing who wrote, "Good luck 'Hogs! Don't clam up"; Bill and Ginny Prichett, Bridgeview Drive; Ken and Margaret Silvia, Ken's Barber Shop; Diane and Malcolm Brown, Seaside Drive; David and Linda Brazil, Intrepid Lane; Donald and Gloria O'Laughlin who said, "Blow them up for us - each year is better!"; and David and Sharon Michael of Seaside Drive.

Thanks to all, KA-BOOM!


Jim Pemantell was pumping gas at Cumby's the other day and watching the digits on the pump rolling up at a good pace. "I looked at the money flying by and the thought came to me that I must be getting old because I can remember when the gallons went by faster than the money."

Me, too!


Grandson Tom will be 16 on Tuesday. Scary! Hugs, please!

*** The Men's Chorus of Jamestown will resume its musical magic this summer with rehearsals beginning Thursday, June 19, at 7 p.m. at the Senior Center on West Street. Tunes under consideration for the group's Aug. 30 concert are: Hymn for the Russian Earth; Brothers, Sing On!; Bless The Lord O My Soul; Salvation Is Created; Conanicut; Down in the Valley; This Train Medley; Star-Spangled Banner; Take Me Out to the Ballgame; The Longest Time; Hello Mary Lou; When Sunny Gets Blue; Goodnight Loving Trail; Ghost Riders in the Sky; The Camptown Ladies; and Let Union Be in All Our Hearts.

Director B.J. Whitehouse said, "For those of you who have never sung with us before, you are welcome to join, and to those of you who will return, how about bringing a pal?"



Kudos to the highway department for a good patching job on North Main Road.


Big weekend coming up. On Saturday we celebrate the adoption of our national flag and on Sunday we celebrate our fathers.

Also known as the "Stars and Stripes" or "Old Glory," the first American flag was approved by the Continental Congress on June 14, 1777. In 1818, after five more states joined the Union, Congress passed legislation fixing the number of stripes at 13 and requiring that the number of stars equal the number of states. Fly your flag on Saturday.

Put it up again on Sunday to salute your dad wherever he may be. Mother's Day has been around a lot longer, so how did Father's Day come about? It began in Spokane, Wash., when a woman named Sonora Smart Dodd thought of the idea while listening to a Mother's Day sermon in 1909.

Having been raised by her father after her mother died, Sonora wanted him to know how special he was, making all the parental sacrifices. He was, in her eyes a courageous, selfless and loving man. Her father was born in June, so Sonora chose to hold the first Father's Day in Spokane on the 19th of June, 1910. In 1926, a Nationl Father's Day Committee was formed in New York City and Father's Day was recognized by a Joint Resolution of Congress in 1956. In 1972, President Richard Nixon established a permanent national observance of Father's Day to be held on the third Sunday of June.

Do something that your father will enjoy on Sunday and if he's far away call and tell him thanks for being your dad.

*** Is the election over yet?


We're told that great sausage and pepper subs are being served up by Judy Barry Wednesday nights at the concession stand at the Lawn Avenue ball park. Stop by and say hello to Judy and enjoy a sub. The money goes to Jamestown Baseball.


Do you think that the bear will come to the island for the summer?


Boy Scout Troop 1 will be attending camp at the Yawgoog Scout Reservation Aug. 10 to17. The unit will be staying at campsite Wetomuck in camp Medicine Bow.


Jeepers, we got a good response to last week's poser. Barbara Ann Mac Intosh who told us it is a Johnny Mercer song, Tanya Biddle, Bob Kinder, Chris Minus, John A. Murphy and Linda Hull of South Kingstown all had the title. Linda provided some lyrics, Jeepers, Creepers Where'ja get them peepers Jeepers, Crepers Where'ja get those eyes Gosh all get up How'd they get all lit up Gosh all get up How they hypnotize Thanks, guys! ***

John Murphy provides this week's poser: Who is the avian named group which sang a haunting ballard with the chorus "ShooBop, ShooBop."


A Snapple cap moment: A duck can't walk without bobbing its head.


The full moon on Wednesday is the Rose Moon, Flower Moon or Strawberry Moon.

*** Be true!

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