2008-06-12 / Letters to the Editor

Rude cyclists annoy motorist

Please remember to share the road with cyclists who . . .

• Ride two and three abreast up and down North and East Shore and Beavertail Roads and never break formation regardless of the amount of vehicular traffic.

• Do not stop or slow down at the only traffic light we have on the island or for that matter at any stop sign.

• Plow through Narragansett Avenue without a thought to pedestrians or motorized vehicles.

• Park in valuable parking spaces in and around Narragansett Avenue so that they can spend several hours riding all around the island instead of parking at Beavertail, Wetherill or Fort Getty.

• Change their clothes in bank and town lots in the downtown area instead of using the rest rooms at the Rec Center.

• Seem to believe that Jamestown is an extension of a bike path or a closed race course to be enjoyed at their leisure.

Share.... because any future accident will probably be your fault! Susan Rembijas Jamestown

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