2008-06-19 / Letters to the Editor

No ka-booms without da-bucks

Retirement is great! The Rocket Dawgz have been taking it easy this year. We are so happy that the Rocket 'Hogs have taken over the fireworks for the town.

We had a great run of 12 years blowing up your money and now, the 'Hogs would like to do the same. I was speaking with a 'Hog the other day and he's a little concerned that they may not make their goal.

Folks, these guys are hiring the same pyrotechnics company that has delighted us for years and they are behind the eight ball. Pony up and send your donation to the Rocket 'Hogs, PO Box 1776, Jamestown, RI as soon as possible. Let's keep this great island tradition going and let's celebrate our nation's independence! BJ Whitehouse Ex-Dawg

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