2008-06-26 / The Walrus Says

The Walrus Says

By Jim Munro

The big KA-BOOM is a little over a week away and the Rocket 'Hogs are still short of their goal. Blow up your money by sending a check made out to the Fireworks Fund to Box 1776, Jamestown 02835.

Recent donations have come in from Philip and Kristin Zhivago of Seaside Drive, David and Anny Cain of Court Street; Michael and Vicki deAngeli, Intrepid Lane; Anonymous; James and Kate Wright, Clinton Avenue; Deborah and Dennis Owens, Felucca Avenue; Isabel V. Coyle, Clarke Street; Joseph and Barbara Samartano, Seaside Drive; John and Charlotte Zarlengo, Seaside Drive; Carla and Barry Cook, Highland Drive; Robert Packer and Maureen Dunn-Packer, Pennsylvania Avenue; Conanicut Marine Services; Nancy A. Beye, Clinton Avenue; Margaret and Gary Jacobsen, Conanicus Avenue; Andrew and Margaret Holmes of North Kingstown; Jamestown Hardware; Judith M. James of New Jersey; John T. Sugrue, Intrepid Lane; Dr. Ann S. Zartler, Juniper Circle; Fritz and Pembroke Attaway, Decatur Avenue; John and Joan McCauley, Columbia Avenue; R&D Seafood of Woonsocket; Richard and Christine Charest of N. Smithfield, Ronald and Carol Charest of N. Smithfield; an d Ma rc Ch arest an d Sheila Yarbough of Harrisville.

Note the last three names. Head 'Hog Gregg Charest is shaking down his family.

Rocket 'Hog T-shirts are available at Jamestown Hardware and the B. Thomas Gallery for a $20 donation.

Join your fellow islanders and light up the sky on July 5.


*** On that note, Dr. Joshua Hatch of the Jamestown Animal Clinic tells us what we can do to help our pets get through the Independence Day celebrations.

"Although July 4th is the typical summer kick off for most people, it isn't always the best time for our pets. Besides the chances of our dogs stealing food off people's plates and getting sick from that, a lot of animals have a hard time with all the noise and fireworks that accompany the Fourth.

If your pet doesn't do well with fireworks, it is be st to ta ke pr ecautions ahead of time. Sometimes just finding a q u iet pl ace in yo ur house or basement that is somewhat away from the noise and playing some music to mask the fireworks ca n be en ough.

If you distract your dog with good treats, toys, and really play with them to wear them out ahead of time, you may find th at th ey just sleep through the noise. Other dogs, however, may need something stronger like a prescription sedative from their veterinarian to help them through the night and you will definitely wa nt to ta lk to your animal's doctor well ahead of time to find ou t if th at is a g o od option for your pet."

"To err is human, to forgive canine" anonymous



David Reilly and Larry Lewis were both in with the correct answer to poser from John A. Murphy, "I Only Have Eyes For You." Larry wrote that the song "was in fact recorded by not one, but two, avian-named singing groups, The Sparrows in 1952 and, more popularly, The Flamingos in 1959. The 'shoo bop' phrase is heard throughout the recording's background in, at least, The Flamingos' version. Other artists who released the song include Art Garfunkel, Frank Sinatra, Peggy Lee and The Lettermen. This 1934 Warren/Dubin composition was introduced via Dick Powell and Ruby Keeler in the movie 'Dames' of the same year."

John commented, "This poser may have been too easy! The Flamingos have been on educational TV for the last week as part of a fund-raising program. I saw them live in Boston in the early 60s and they were great. One of the first real nice slow dances I ever had (back in 1959) was to 'I Only Have Eyes For You', and I shall never forget the experience."

John you're a great "poser" poser.

Thanks guys!


Richard Shutt told us that if anyone sees him riding his bike, it's because he wants to and not because he has to.


Russell Benjamin of Pemberton Avenue has returned from Vermont where he attended the graduation of his sixth child from college. His daughter, Claire Noel Benjamin, graduated with a bachelor's degree from Castleton State College. She was an art major. Of Russell's seven children, six have graduated from college. The seventh served nine years in the Navy.

Russell wonders if other island seniors spent their rebate checks the way he did: 1. Put gas in the car and had it serviced; 2. Went grocery shopping; 3. Bought four birthday gifts; 4. Took himself to a movie on senior citizen discount day; and 5. Put remaining change in piggy bank.

Kudos to Claire and thanks Russell for spreading your "wealth" around.

Haven't received my rebate check yet, my SS number ends in 99. Maybe by Christmas.


Millie has returned to her Lawn Avenue home after being missing for three days. Judy Kinzel had distributed pamphlets throughout the neighborhood asking folks to keep their eyes peeled for a small gray and white tiger female. The 1 1/2 year old showed up at home again on Friday. What the heck, everyone deserves a little fling from time to time.

Judy said that though she had had a great deal of anxiety, "The best thing that came out of this besides having Millie back was the reminder of how wonderful our neighbors are."


School bus monitors Vernonika and Monty Neronha invite Jamestown School pupils, their parents, siblings and grandparents to a special viewing of their Bayside Garden Railroad this Saturday, June 28, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. The Bayside is located at 98 East Shore Rd. Sunday, June 29, is the rain date.

The railroad has over 500 feet of track with five ru nning tr ains, miniature bridges and 22 buildings. The plantings are all dwarf, Bonsai or minature shrubs plus ground cover to match the scale of the buildings and bridges. It has been recognized by the New England Cable News TV station as one of the outstanding garden railroads in New England and was one of the featured gardens in the Quononoquott Garden Club's tour of island gardens.

All youngsters must be accompanied by an adult.



Island professional football player Stacy Martin told us her New England Intensity team got a world viewing last week when ABC World News showed portions of the team's 14 to 7 victory over New Hampshire winning the wild card slot.


...Let me stay, let me stay in your arms.


The only thing Grandson Tom wanted to do on his 16th birthday was to get his driving permit. After a small hassle over his Social Security number, the deed was done and he drove Mim and her car back to this island. Noticing my truck parked in front of my hair stylist's he parked and came inside to give us all the good news, leaving his grandmother in the car to regain her composure.

He drove home and then returned to the salon intent on driving my pickup home. The truck has a manual shift and it was the first ti me I h a ve go ne up Na rragansett Avenue in first ge ar. So , we ar e in a new phase of Tom's life as he continues to take us to places we never would have gone. Only, now he's behind the wheel.


There's no reason to drive to Pawtucket or Boston this summer to see some great baseball. We were over at Cardines Field in Newport Sunday to watch the Jamestown Ali's Run baseball team advance in the playoffs by beating Horan Builders 6 to 5 in a Babe Ruth League game. We had forgotten the tranquility of just sitting in a good setting and relaxing for a couple of hours. The field, built in 1893 for sandlot games by railroad workers from the adjacent Old Colony Line, is considered to be one of the best parks in which to play summer college baseball. In addition to the Babe Ruth League it is home for the Sunset League, American Legion games, and the Newport Gulls.

The latter provides great action by the leading players from colleges throughout the U.S. The New England Collegiate Baseball League is considered to be one of the best in the country. Major league scouts attend the games and you can join them for a mere pittance.

For a team schedule click on www.newportgulls.com or call 845-6832 then take yourself out to the ball game.



Plop, plop, fizz, fi zz. Oh, w hat a relief it is.

*** Be true!


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