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Council approves wood pile pier recommendations

By Sam Bari

The Town Council voted to approve the Harbor Management Commission recommendations for the wood pile pier at Monday night's meeting.

Among the recommendations they approved were a touch and go dock on the north side of the pier running parallel to the townowned facility at East Ferry. The 80-foot floating do ck wi ll be in stalled at the east end of the pier with an access ramp at the west end of the floating do ck.

The south side of the pier will be clear for 40-feet at the east end of the wooden pier. The remainder will be used for transient and seasonal rentals at the discretion of the marina.

Although the council approved the configuration fo r th e touch and go dock, it did not vote on fishing re gulations on th e facility, which the Harbor Management Commission felt fell under the council's jurisdiction. The fishing re gulations is sue wa s continued to a special meeting of the Board of Water and Sewer Commissioners on Thursday, June 26.

Councilwoman Barbara Szepatowski motioned to approve the bid package for the curbs and rails project and Councilman Michael White seconded the motion. The council voted unanimously to approve the roughly $200,000 project.

The council also voted unanimously to approve a request to spend an additional $1,200 for a detailed estimate to repair the wood pile pier per the recent survey of its condition.

The harbor commission recommended that the Town Council request the state representatives for Jamestown to oppose House Bill 8199 in order to encourage development of a fishing pi er on the remaining section of the Old Jamestown Bridge. The Council agreed and voted unanimously to support the request and send a letter of opposition to the state representatives.

Town Administrator's report

Town Administrator Bruce Keiser reported that Finance Director Tina Collins participated June 12 in a teleconference with town financial se rvices ad visor Steven Maceroni of First Southwest Bank to monitor the $4.9 million bond sale. Keiser said that with an AA3 credit rating, the Town bonds sold at an attractive rate of 4.11 percent which is 0.64 percent lower than the town budget estimate. A savings of more than $333,000 over the life of the bond.

Keiser met June 18 with Council President DiGiando and Lawrence Eichler, the new managing partner of Dutch Harbor Boat Yard and his attorney Mark Liberati.

"Mr. Eichler informed us that he is committed to ensuring full and timely compliance with the lease," Keiser said.

Eichler also indicated that Dutch Harbor Partners, the new name for the facility, will work cooperatively with the town on upgrading site amenities and infrastructure at West Ferry to improve the waterfront, Keiser added.

According to the report, Eichler said that he is interested in a long-term commitment to enhance the area and that he will submit a request to extend the lease period.

In an unrelated matter, Keiser reported that the archaeological investigation performed at the old town offices at 44 So uthwest Ave. for Church Community Housing has uncovered signifi- cant Native American artifacts.

CCH determined that the cost of further investigation will allow them to build only two affordable housing units. Both the town and CCH recognize that a two-unit project is not cost-effective because the town subsidy for each unit would increase signifi cantly du e to th e re duction in federal and state assistance.

Consequently, Keiser recommended that the matter be place don the agenda of the next Board of Water and Sewer Commissioners as an agenda item to discuss other possibilities for the property. The council agreed.

The town administrator also reported that the owners of 101 Gondola Ave. have taken out a demolition permit. The property was deemed unsafe for habitation by the zoning officer an d Keiser sent a letter to the owners saying that if they didn't demolish the property the town would take appropriate action.

Conservation Commission


The Conservation Commission said in a letter to the Town Council that they opposed the proposed trail, parking and observation platform for the area north of the present water treatment plant.

Conservation Commission Chairman Chris Powell said that they can't support a trail that disturbs natural wetland areas. He said he would like to work it out with the council. Powell also pointed out that the maps submitted to the commission from the Town Council were inconsistent.

Councilman Robert Sutton said he would be happy to discuss the matter with Powell and work out an agreement as long as the Conservation Commission did not come back at a later date opposing the agreement as it had been decided.

Council President DiGiando suggested that the men arrange a private meeting and work out the details.

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