2008-06-26 / News

Transfer station sticker price raised to $100

By Sam Bari

The Town Council voted unanimously to approve an annual transfer station fee increase that would boost the cost of permits from $65 to $100 per year. The council discussed the matter at length at its Monday meeting and decided that the cost of operations warranted the price hike.

Councilman Michael White said, "If you look at the cost per month it's a pretty good deal. It was $5.42 cents per month and now it is $8.33 per month. That's not bad at all for unlimited disposal privileges."

According to Town Administrator Bruce Keiser, the net operating costs to run the facility were $91,043 for fiscal ye ar 20 08-09. He said that the projected 900 sticker sales made the increase necessary.

In other business the council voted to:

• Unanimously approve the Planning Commissions list of offi cers fo r ne xt ye ar. Co mmissioner Gary Girard will continue as chairman. Commissioner Michael Swistak will continue as vice chairman and Commissioner Jean Brown will be the secretary.

• Unanimously accept a letter from the Jamestown School Committee Chairwoman Cathy Kaiser to move the Aug. 14 summer retreat to Jamestown. The Portuguese American Citizens' Club and Grange are being considered to accommodate the event.

Accept a letter from the State Traffic Co mmission an swering the Jamestown Town Council's requests to: relocate the crosswalk at the intersection of Narragansett Avenue and Conanicus Avenue; re-stripe Walcott Avenue to switch parking from the east side to the west side between High Street and Brook Street; and evaluate the crosswalk on Conanicus Avenue in front of the Recreation Center.

Accept a letter from several residents concerning issues with the West Ferry Dock. The council voted unanimously to refer the letter to Harbor Commission.

• Put the Jamestown Striper Club's July 26 Annual Kid's Fishing Derby at North Reservoir on the Water and Sewer meeting agenda, Thursday, June 26. The council voted to approve the request subject to approval of land use, which will be discussed at the June 26 meeting.

• Unanimously approve not charging for non-town sponsored special events that the council deemed valuable to the town. The events included the Penguin Plunge, the Ali Dunn Memorial Run, the Save the Bay Swim, the Fool's Rules Regatta, the Rotary Club Classic Bike Race, and others. The council felt that the events were more beneficial to th e town than they were costly.

• Approve a proposed amendment to Appendix C, Schedule of Fees, Sec 14 forBuildings and Building Regulations Fees. The vote for approval was unanimous.

Legislative updates

• Weaver Cove Energy LLC continues their quest to permit an LNG import/export facility in Fall

River, Mass. Rep. Bruce Long (RMiddletown,

Jamestown) reported that he will vigorously oppose the construction and operation of the proposed facility.

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