2008-07-03 / Editorial

Send us your DMV stories and we'll publish them

I've received lots of comments from readers about last week's editorial detailing my family's futile attempts to obtain the title and registration from the state Department of Motor Vehicles for a small boat trailer.

My frustrations hit a home run with many readers of the Jamestown Press.

Folks have shared with me similar woeful tales about their DMV experiences. One gentleman - a native Rhode Islander - told me he has found that the DMV has always been impossible to deal with. "A person could get elected governor simply by running on the platform that the DMV would finally get fixed," he said.

So we're going to take this DMV angle one step further. Send us your DMV experiences as letters to the editor and we'll publish them in the newspaper under a special heading.

You can e-mail your DMV letters to me at jeff@jamestownpress.com or simply drop them off at our 42 Narragansett Ave. office.

Maybe someone out there wants to run for governor?

- Jeff McDonough

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