2008-07-03 / News

Independence Day Safety Guidelines

• Fireworks are illegal in the state of Rhode Island and dry conditions make the burning of banned fireworks even more dangerous this holiday weekend. The Jamestown Fire Department said that children and adults risk injury and potentially dangerous situations by using them.

• Bonfires require a permit from the town anywhere on Conanicut Island. "Permits are required because the fire department goes out and assesses the area to make sure it is safe to burn an open fire," Fire Marshall Howie Tighe said. "Water must be available and the fire area must be contained." Any person burning an illegal fire will be cited by police.

• Grill use increases substantially over the holiday weekend. Be sure to check tanks for leaks, burn only materials approved for use in grills and keep the grill away from the house or any other structure when it is lit. "People want to light their grills in the garage if the weather is bad and that is a great way to cause a fire," Tighe said.

• Only swim in approved areas and never alone or under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

• If a fire or dangerous situation should occur, contact the Jamestown fire or police department immediately. "We don't want people to think they can handle it themselves and then have the situation escalate out of control," Tighe said. "A small fire can turn into a big one in a hurry.

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