2008-07-03 / The Walrus Says

The Walrus Says

By Jim Munro

Four-inch Diadems, 4-inch Thunder and Stars, 5-inch Golden Spider Webs with Silver Tremolo, 6-inch Stained Glass with Red Crossett and 6-inch Oriental Assortments are among the delightful KA-BOOMS to be seen and heard over Mackerel Cove Saturday night beginning at about 9 p.m.

The fireworks are now in a holding facility in the state and will move to the island Saturday with a 10-man crew setting up beginning at 3 p.m.

In an interesting aside, Rocket 'Hog boss Gregg Charest told us that few 8-inch shells will be fired due to the recent fireworks explosions in China and no 10-inch at all because of both the explosions and that Chinese authorities have banned the 10-inch shells from all ports. "We'll still get an amazing bang for our bucks though. Each inch of shell corresponds to 100 feet of explosion," Gregg explained.

The finale will include 36 4- inch Flourishes and more than 60 3-inch assorted Chrysanthemums. It sounds great, but the 'Hogs are still short of their goal that will pay the bill. Gregg said, "I am banking on the generosity of the town.We need to keep the donations coming. This will ensure that our town retains the bragging rights as the best fireworks in the state!"

It's never too late to feed the 'Hogs. Send your check made out to the Fireworks Fund to Box 1776, Jamestown, 02835.

Donations came in last week from the Narragansett Cafe; John S. Recca and Cathleen Ruth Squires of Norwalk, Conn.; Karan and Charles Osenton, Blueberry Lane; William and Virginia Burgin, Maple Avenue; Patricia Rabbett and David Center of Wellesley, Mass.; Bernice Greene, Whittier Road; Frank and Jill Meyer, Southwest Avenue; Ro Street; Bruce Banks of Jamestown Marine Offshore, Inc.; Phyllis Bedard of Trattoria Simpatico; Tim Baker, "In Memory of Nancy Baker"; Joseph Tamburini and Erica Gregg, Meadow Lane; Island Rubbish and Island Rubbish Recycling Division; Patricia and Paul Jutras; Kathy Brownell (who bought the first Rocket 'Hog shirt ever!); Cynthia and Raymond Smith, Pennsylvania Avenue; Martha Yates, Mount Hope Avenue; Rocket Dawg Fred Brome and wife Marcia, Luther Street; Nicholas and Mary Biddle of Gladwyne, Pa.; Virginia Berglund, North Main Road; William C. Dubois, Elm Street; William and Jacqueline Perrett, Seaside Drive; Baker's Pharmacy; BankNewport's Jamestown branch; Karen, Tony, John and Matt Rafanelli, Intrepid Lane; Julia and Michael Deck, Highland Drive; Alexandra Darigan, West Reach Drive; Eleanor Chase, Gondola Avenue; Maryann Duggan, Seaside Drive; East Ferry Deli; Tim Scanlon, Beavertail Road; Marion Pierce, Beacon Avenue; Jane Garnett, Highland Drive; Marcia Lindsay, Constellation Court; and Peter and Anne Drury of Southwest Avenue, who sent their second donation, saying "Sorry we didn't send more the first time!"

A great bunch of people who enjoy seeing their money blown up! Kudos to all!



Welcome Ginger to the island. She was adopted from the Potter League by Susan Aresti. The 5 year old weighs 50 pounds and is of unknown ancestry, but Susan says she looks like a small Irish wolfhound. "She has a wonderful personality, is calm, patient and fully trained," Susan said. Ginger joins another Potter League adoptee in the Aresti household, a 4-year-old black shorthair domestic cat named Luna. In addition, Susan's mother, who lives with her daughter, has a 3-year-old black and brown chihuahua who answers to Heidi.

"Everyone gets along, I can't believe how happy we all are," Susan enthused.



Kudos to the island's Babe Ruth League entry, Ali's Run, that took their season to the championship game Sunday but bowed to the F.O.P. team 8 - 4 at Cardines Field.

Great year, guys!


Kudos to Deb Ruggiero and Donna Perry who have entered the race for the state legislature in November's election. In order to return our beautiful state to some sort of sanity for our children and grandchildren we must throw all the incumbents out of office.

Good luck to both!

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