2008-07-10 / Editorial

Top 10 Jamestown ideas for summer fun


Summer is in full swing here in Jamestown. The weather is ideal and the days are long. So what should you do with your time? Here are a few suggestions for your consideration:

1) Head to the shore. Go swimming at the Mackerel Cove town beach. Build a sand castle. Hike along the rocks at Beavertail State Park. Search for sea glass in the sand at the East Ferry beach. Conanicut Island has miles of shoreline to explore. Every stretch has something new for you to discover.

2) Go fishing. There's some great fishing from our island's shores. The biggest fish I ever caught was a striper from the shore on the north end of the island. If you are lucky enough to have access to a power boat, there's even more fish in the waters offshore. Got a question about what's biting and where? See Greg at Zeek's Creek Bait & Tackle for the latest insider island angling info.

3) Dust off your bicycle and go for a ride. Jamestown is a great place for cycling enthusiasts. You can pedal from north to south and east to west. Stop and explore the sites in between.

4) Strap on those in-line skates and stretch your legs. I've found the best place to blade is Beavertail State Park. There the roads are flat and smooth and the views are spectacular. Of course, we have lots of other spots around the island that are good for skating. If you are not a skater, Jamestown is also a great place for running.

5) Explore our island museums. For a small community, we certainly have many museums and they are all unique. Discover our island lore at the Jamestown Museum. You'll learn all about fire-fighting at the Fire Memorial Museum. The history of lighthouses on the bay is waiting for you at the Beavertail Lighthouse Museum. Next door is the aquarium where your kids can learn about our seaside wildlife. You'll see Native American artifacts at the Sydney L. Wright museum room at the Jamestown library. While you are at the library, check out a few books for summer reading. Then visit the historic windmill and Quaker Meetinghouse on North Main Road.

6) Go sailing. This has to be my all-time favorite activity. There is nothing better than having the wind fill your sails as you scamper along the sparkling waters of Narragansett Bay. When you are sailing all is quiet except for the splash of water on the boat hull and the occasional seagull cry. Don't have a boat? Visit Sail Newport across the bay. They will teach you how to sail and also have boats available to rent.

7) Pick a park and have a picnic. Jamestown is a picnicker's haven, starting with Beavertail, Fort Getty and Fort Wetherill. Sometimes the best places are those close to home.

8) Take a hike. We have miles of public trails on Conanicut Island. If you are quiet, the odds are good that you will see some of our wildlife. Bird watchers love Jamestown. For information on where to hike, pick up the Conanicut Island Trails Guide available at the Town Hall and at many other locations around the community.

9) Discover Watson Farm. Open Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, the Watson Farm is a true working farm that is home to beef cattle, sheep, horses, ducks, turkeys and chickens. The Watson Farm is a hidden Jamestown jewel and is an excellent place to spend a few hours. Be sure to hike up through the pastures and down to the rocky beach. The views are outstanding!

10) Don't miss the concerts! There's live music every Sunday evening during the summer at East Ferry starting at 6:30. Admission is free. Take a lawn chair or a blanket and relax.

Whew! That's quite a list. You'd better get busy. Summer doesn't get any better than what you'll find in Jamestown. Enjoy!

- Jeff McDonough

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