2008-07-17 / Editorial

The new ka-boom kids put on an impressive bang

A tip of the hat to the Rocket-'Hogs. We think that just about everyone agrees that the fireworks display on Saturday evening at Mackerel Cove were pretty impressive.

If fact, the 'Hogs got quite a bang from our bucks.

The Rocket-'Hogs have proved themselves as the worthy successors to the Rocket Dawgz, who staged the pyrotechnic display for many years.

If you agree, you can send them some money to get the ball rolling for next year. Mail your contributions to:

Jamestown Fireworks Fund

c/o the Rocket-'Hogs

P.O. Box 1776

Jamestown, RI 02835

What do you say we make next year's fireworks show even better!

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