2008-07-24 / Letters to the Editor

Thanks for a great fireworks display

You gave us $13,000 and we blew it up! What makes this event successful is the support of the people of Jamestown.

The Rocket 'hogs are very thankful to everyone who mailed in a check, or donated anonymously, but we are also thankful to everyone who put time and effort into this venture. On behalf of the Rocket 'hogs, thank you to B.J. Whitehouse for providing guidance to make the transition easy.

Thank you to the Town Council for allowing this amazing tradition to continue, to Town Clerks Arlene Petit and Kim Turcone for their guidance with paperwork and the inner workings of town government, Town Administrator Bruce Keiser, Jeff McDonough of the Jamestown Press, for excellent press coverage, and speaking of press coverage, thank you to the Walrus for keeping his tradition of drumming up support and informing us about everything fireworks.

Thank you to the island businesses that were collection sites: McQuade's Market, Jamestown Wine and Spirits, Grapes and Gourmet, Jamestown Hardware, Ace's Pizza, and Conanicut Marina.

While these people are not "hogs," they are actually more integral to making this event happen. Thanks to Chief Tom Tighe, Lt. Bill Donovan and the entire po- lice department for excellent event management.

Extra special thanks to the men and women of the fire department under the command of Chief Jim Bryer, particularly Deputy Chief Howie Tighe, who was on site providing expert guidance, and to Deputy Chief Ken Gladding for helping with our beach cleanup. Let's not forget JEMS for their first aid relief.

Thanks go to the folks at Public Works and their boss Steve Goslee, and, of course, thanks also to Bill Piva and his people in Parks and Recreation. Andrew Rushton was so important to the actual day of the fireworks that he is an honorary 'hog! The fireworks could not have happened without Andrew, so if you see him in town, please thank him in person. He might tell you it isn't true, but son't believe it. Thanks again, Andrew.

Finally, thanks to Kerry Sheehan and Bob Bailey who have been wonderful cohorts. I can't imagine this event being nearly as successful without their ideas, help and guidance. They are loyal as friends, indispensable as 'hogs.

We are the Rocket 'hogs, and if you keep sending us your money, we'll keep blowing it up! See you next July! Gregg Charest Head 'hog

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