2008-07-24 / Letters to the Editor

Two lessons to share

I would like to share two bits of information, one with my fellow seniors who might be behind the times, like I, and the other with the younger generation who, perhaps, could benefit by learning the ways of the old.

Today, a policeman in a police car pulled up behind me and called, "Gale." I turned around and saw a complete stranger. He told me I had my current registration number on my license plate in the wrong position. It needed to be in the lower right corner. My current registration, which was in the upper left, was illegal and could lead to arrest. I want to share that information with the older generation who, like me, might not be aware of such a regulation.

In addition, I would like to share with the younger generation. Most of us oldsters are accustomed to being addressed by young strangers as Mr., Ms. or Mrs., not just by our first names. I am old biddie enough to find it offensive, otherwise. Just as offensive as a phone call I received yesterday.

The phone rang. I said hello. A man said, "Hello, Gale." I was embarrassed that I could not place the voice of this friend. It turned out that I couldn't because it was a stranger soliciting money from me. I hung up.

I hope we can all benefit from this information. Gale Marks Jamestown

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