2008-07-24 / Letters to the Editor

Bring back golf course advisory committee

I am writing on behalf of a number of Jamestown residents who have formed an association with the hope of protecting and preserving what we feel is a valuable Jamestown asset: the golf course.

For the past 21 years, the golf course has been run by the same management team. They have done an admirable job, and are to be commended for the improvements they have instituted. However, as it presently stands, the town has abdicated all responsibility to the present lessee with no oversights, giving the management company complete control over placement of structures, plantings, materials, times of operations, scheduling of leagues, tee times, and fees charged.

We feel the reformation of the advisory committee will provide an ongoing forum that would allow Jamestowners the opportunity to voice their thoughts on how the course might be improved without having to wait every 10 years.

The recently renewed contract with the town runs through 2016. At its conclusion New England Golf Course Management Inc. will have been managing the course for 30 years. During that period, the opportunities for Jamestowners to voice their ideas on the direction of the course have been limited to brief periods prior to the renewal of the contract. By our estimation that works out to approximately six months time to express our opinions over a period of 30 years; this seems to us inequitable.

In advocating the restoration of the golf course advisory committee (which previously existed and was disbanded), we hope the Town Council will acknowledge that the residents of the town should have a greater opportunity to voice their concerns with regard to a valuable town asset. John Plowden Jamestown

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