2008-07-31 / Letters to the Editor

Many to thank for a successful book sale

Booksale 2008 at the Jamestown Library ended in the usual flurry. That is "A Buck a Bag." Even after two weeks of regular bargains, there were still plenty of great books and videos left to be carted off for a dollar a bag. In addition to generating funds for library "extras," the book sale helps our community make room for even more books to fill their shelves.

Many thanks to the generous people of Jamestown, who, throughout the year, donated all these treasures.

Now it's time to thank our many volunteers for their extraordinary efforts on behalf of the library. Thanks to Dee Hellewell and Diana Luth who work all year long organizing the thousands of books, videos, audios and a few DVD's generously donated by all of you. Special thanks to Mc- Quade's Market for the donation of plastic grocery bags.

Thanks to Lew Kitts and the Jamestown school for lending the ten extra tables to keep the books off the floor and a special thanks to our hardworking Boy Scouts, Nick Fay, Zachary J. Neronha, Truman Christie, Finn Dwyer, John Waddington, Mike Pratt, Kyle Wright, Hayden Maclean and James Perry. These nine young men did a great job of hauling all that stuff up seventeen steep steps from the basement to the meeting hall.

Set-up, organizing, cashier duty, and clean-up was generously donated by the following people: Deb Foppert, Anna Templeton Cottill, Isabel Coyle, Ginny Saunders, Susan Lutes, Sara Bobola, Holly Bobola, Calvert Bobola, Trevor Bobola, Ralph Klingbeil, Delancy Converse, Rebecca Small, Dee Hellewell, Ann Marie Deffley, Bev Rudman, Judy Smith, Julia Montminy, Jackie Woodside, Paula Florentino, Joyce Leach, Dara Chadwick, Faith Chadwick, Grace Danna, Isabel Crabtree, Bill Knapp and Lynda Sutton. A special thanks also to the staff, who helped clean up after the sale was over.

Forgive me if I have left anyone out. Because we are so fortunate to have so many volunteers, it is sometimes difficult to keep track of all of them and their contributions.

We hope everyone who came to the sale found something of value. Judy Bell, Director, Jamestown Library

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