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The Walrus Says

By Jim Munro

Jamestown violinist extraordinaire Emily Anthony will return to the Recreation Center stage on Wednesday, Aug. 13, to perform in the Jamestown Community Chorus' annual Talent Show. The entertainment event of the summer will begin at 7 p.m. Emily will play George Gershwin's "It Ain't Necessarily So."

Also returning will be the Hummingbird Trio, young voices from North Kingstown High School who opened for an act in Newport last weekend. They sing music from the swing era and will have you dancing in the aisles. Also on hand will be the Men's Chorus of Jamestown offering their renditions of music classics.

This year's emcee is George Rice. Auditions will be held this coming Sunday and Monday at 7 p.m. in the Recreation Center.

The theme of this year's show is "Salute to Vaudeville." Co-producers Andrea von Hohenleiten and Ginger Holland are urging residents from towns on the lower bay area to bring their talents to the auditions. The fund-raiser will include a gasoline raffl e and a Chamber Bucks raffle plus refreshments.

Questions? Call B.J. Whitehouse, 423-1574.


The Men's Chorus of Jamestown is having an active summer. In addition to the Talent Show and its own concert on Aug. 30, the group will sing the National Anthem at McCoy Stadium Friday, August 29, at a 7:05 p.m. game against Buffalo.



Did everyone enjoy the Newport Folk Festival on Saturday? Our old ears didn't pick up many of the lyrics, but we sure got the beat.


Three Jamestown kids who made a competitive '19 and under' soccer team are traveling Europe playing against the best club teams in Germany, Holland, Netherlands and France. They are coached by a former Russian National player, Alex Roskov.

The islanders are Chris Crawford and Sam Baines, both 16, and Andrew Bretti, 17. As of last weekend they had won all but one game and in their off time have visited some of the great historical sites and museums. Chris' dad reports they have taken a boat down the Rhine River to visit World War II sites, hiked through pitch black caves connected together only by ropes and rode bikes up mountains.

Chris Sr. said they accomplished all that while playing twice a day and working with the best European coaches in the mornings, with games in the afternoon and evening. "Hundreds turn out to welcome them after hours-long bus rides and treat them to post game cookouts in the soccer teams' club houses. They are discovering just how big soccer is in Europe.

"Outside of the coaches, the kids have minimal supervision and are learning to read and speak foreign languages while representing the best that the U.S. has to offer. Each boy had to research a historical site and give a 15-minute presentation to his teammates before visiting the site. The kids raised their own money to go, and they must write reports to their schools upon returning. It is an amazing team experience that leaves them exhausted every day which is hard to do with kids ages 16 to 19," Chris said.

Young Chris is not the only worldtraveling Crawford this summer. His aunt, Rebecca Crawford who with her husband Tom owns a home on Seaside Drive is now in Beijing and will be there until the end of next month. In advance of the Olympic Games she has been overseeing buildings, the village, security, food preparation and kitchens among other things and will continue to do so during the event. Thanks, Chris!


The William H. Southern family of Clinton Avenue celebrated its second family reunion July 19 to 24 at the family home. Members traveled from Illinois, Oregon, Virginia and Washington. Mattie R. Southern and her five children - William Jr., Kenneth, Valerie, Paul and Lisa - were joined by wives Carol and Patty Southern and grandchildren Erica, Kyle, Jarret, Eleanor, Isaiah and Aaron and longtime family friend, Sandra Pizzuti. A special evening was dedicated to honoring Mattie Southern - the family matriarch.


.........how about cooking something up with me.


Who played Joe Friday's partner on "Dragnet?"


Bob Kinder, Barbara-Ann Mac- Intosh and Bob Fleming all had the poser's lyrics:

I'm forever blowing bubbles Pretty bubbles in the air They fly so high Nearly reach the sky......

Thanks, guys.

If anyone has ideas for posers, get them to me, I'm running dry.


Good luck to Joe and Ginny Perry in their new Florida home. We miss you.


Who was Mary Hartman? Betty Kinder writes, "Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman was a short- lived spoof of the soap operas. I thought it was very funny although it was before its time for the subject matter."

John A. Murphy elaborates, "Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman was a TV show of the seventies. It is now a cult classic. Mary Hartman was the lead character in that very funny off-beat sitcom, produced by Norman Lear which ran in the late evening hours as I recall. I think the lead character was played by Louise Lasser. One of the creative contributors to the show, Martin Mull, went, I believe, to RISD, and had a satirical late night talk show that was extremely funny, 'Fernwood Tonight.'

"Lots of the characters from these shows are still in show business. For example, Fred Willard who played 'Jerry' (the Ed McMahon equivalent) on 'Fernwood Tonight' recently did a hilarious take on show dog championships, playing a truly dimwitted host commentator. That character was straight out of 'Fernwood Tonight.'

"Ahhhh! The good old days!" Thanks, John and Betty.


Don't miss an opportunity to hear British diva Sarah Brightman.

*** Whatever happened to June bugs?


Now that Manny has left maybe I'll root for the Sox again.

*** Be true!

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