2008-08-07 / Letters to the Editor

Fed up with selfinterest groups

Jamestown was once a seemingly unique community where people did not act only out of self-interest. As I witness the continuing 'It's all about me' and 'NIMBY' mentality we are in danger of losing what is best about this island - our collective sense of community.

First, the north enders were able to persist in having the highway barn moved to an ill-advised, too small location. Now we have a group who only seem to care about 'their' view, perhaps literally and figuratively. They seek to form a golf course oversight committee, but have no apparent interest in the greater good, only their own sense of what is best for them.

These folks seem to have no concern with the architectural merits or safety reasons for the trees. It does not seem to matter that trees were there well before they were.

They do not seem to realize this is not their property and that the golf course was purchased by the town to preserve open space and to provide recreational opportunities for all.

The golf course was not purchased, nor should it be maintained, for the sole goal of providing scenic views for the abutters. At the same time, they have stated that their concerns go beyond views and trees. If this is indeed the case, a committee should be formed with the caveat being that views/trees cannot be discussed.

Oh, by the way, I am not a boater so could we please remove the moorings as my view of the water is obstructed? And while we're at it, is there a more perfect location for a wind turbine than between the fourth and sixth holes of the golf course? Cliff Hamm Jamestown

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