2008-08-07 / Letters to the Editor

Sticker enforcement needed at Head's beach

As a resident of Jamestown Shores for the last 10 years, for the first time, I begrudgingly marched down to the recreation department and handed over $15 for the formerly free right of using the neighborhood beach, Head's Beach.

I have used the beach a total of three times this summer, thus costing me $5 per ocean dip so far.

Last week, I arrived at the beach with my shiny new orange sticker prominently displayed on the dashboard, only to find that I was in fact, upon inspection, the only citizen to be upholding this new community law. There were a total of eight cars, the same thing the following week.

In fact, the police car that sauntered by in tandem with myself did not even stop to check for stickers.

I realize some dastardly citizen has stolen the official signs that declared to all that we can no longer use the beach without the sticker, but the signs have never been replaced. Does that mean the beach is now free for everyone but me?

When town introduces a new ordinance, it should be enforced at all costs. Right now, it looks like it was only at my cost, as every week numerous beach-goers pull up to Head's Beach with no Jamestown sticker of any sort.

Unfortunately, I shall be vacating the island next week for a sunnier financial climate in Massachusetts. I have paid dearly for my last summer in Jamestown. Martha Holmes Jamestown

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