2008-08-14 / Letters to the Editor

A good time to adopt a pet

The Humane Society of Jamestown would like to encourage Jamestown residents to consider adopting a pet from any of the Rhode Island shelters. This is the time of year that these shelters are filled with many animals of all ages that are looking for good homes.

With the nice weather of the next coming months it is the perfect time to bring a pet into your home on this beautiful island. Join the many island residents who can be seen walking with their faithful companion, or adopt a cozy cat to your home.

To encourage this, the Humane Society will be offering a rebate through the end of October to help defray the cost of adopting a pet. And, we are always ready to offer any advice you might need in adopting a pet. So please consider adopting a new companion animal into your home.

Nancy Crawford, president Humane Society of Jamestown

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