2008-08-21 / The Walrus Says

The Walrus Says

By Jim Munro

Saturday we were introduced to a unique way of hair removal and at the same time finally achieved one of our long-held desires when we met Tarangini Piyusbhai Patel at the Cathryn Jamieson Salon.

We now have a tattoo. The henna was artistically created on our left forearm by "Gini" as she is known at the salon. She was dressed in a gorgeous multi-colored saree. Gini came to our country a month ago from Mumbai (Bombay), India, bringing many talents with her from her homeland.

One of those is threading. She demonstrated how she wraps thread methodically around fingers on both hands and with a loop in the middle captures a hair and removes it by pulling on the thread. In addition to threading, in India she gave facials and was a post offi ce agent.

She was introduced to salon owner Cathy Jamieson by her brother Ilesh Patel who owns Jamestown Wines & Spirits. She is at the salon Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 10 to 3. Gini lives in Johnston with her husband and son and daughter. She said she is very happy in this country. In broken English, she added "My job is best here." Our thanks to salon employee 12-year-old Matt Rafanelli for his translation help.

Welcome to the U.S., Gini!


Barbara-Ann MacIntosh and Patty Vandal both identified Johnny Ray as the artist who sang "The Little White Cloud That Cried." Patty added to Mary Webster's poser that Ray also wrote the words and music. "However, closer to home, Pat Smith's son, Sam, sang it it in one of my shows way back when.'"

Patty also answered our query of what Mr. Kean did. "Mr. Kean was a 'Tracer of Lost Persons.' I believe that the show was on Monday through Friday at 7." Nancy Logan, Bob Kinder, Ruth Newman and Barbara-Ann MacIntosh all had the right answer. Joe Vecchione said that "'Tracer of Lost Persons' became part of a Bob & Ray radio show skit entitled 'Mr. Trace Keener Than Most.'"

Thanks, guys!


Marlene Murphy wonders what the second line is to the old saying, Hey (cq) is for horses?


When we inquired about why the American flags were at half staff Friday at East Ferry, we were told that the governor had requested it. Actually, he requested that all Rhode Island state flags be at half staff.


Who said, many times, "cuff'em Daniel?"


Tara Beaulieu writes, "Giant kudos to island resident Jennifer DuBois for completing the 200- mile Pan Mass Challenge bike race over two days on Aug. 2 and 3. To date the Pan Mass Challenge has raised $24 million for cancer research and treatment at the Dana Farber Institure.

Its goal for this year is $33 million (still accepting donations). Two hundred miles in two days, from Sturbridge to Provincetown! We're proud of you, Jenny! Love, your friends and family."

Kudos from us, too!


John A. Murphy poses, "An 'oldies' singing group, sort of a precursor to The Village People, took its name from a doo-wop chant in an early rock 'n roll classic by the Silhouettes.

"What was the name of that band?"


School days, school days, happy golden rule days.........it won't be long now and the kids will be running for the school buses once again. How do they feel about it?

Reece Bennett, 9, will be in the 4th grade at the Jamestown School and said, "It's going to be fun!" Alex Clarke, 17, and a senior at N.K. complained that the school year is beginning too early. "It should start in September," he said. Jessica Safford, 14, will be a freshman at N.K. and responded that she is "excited but at the same time kind of nervous." Matt Rafanelli, 12, an eighth grader at the Jamestown School said his school has good teachers who will prepare him for high school. "But nobody likes to leave the summer so I guess I have mixed feelings."


A Snapple cap moment: Strawberries are the only fruits whose seeds grow on the outside.

*** Be true!


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